Do Threesomes Work?

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Threesomes are one of those fantasies that are hard to slip into conversations with partners, especially long-term ones. Without prior discussion of a ménage à trios, if a partner says; ‘Hey, look at her/him, don’t they look sexy?’, the reply could be a heated argument followed by a break-up. The problem with adding a third wheel to […]
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Toyboy Warehouse Speed Dating
Speed Dating can seem a little nerve-wracking. You have just a few minutes to impress your date and, who knows, this one could be the love of your life. So what do you do? First of all, don’t worry about it. You only have a few moments together to make a lasting impression, but you […]
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Toyboy Warehouse red rose
You’re thinking about it aren’t you? That work colleague who never wears anything deemed acceptable as “office attire”, your old school friend with a huge bulge in his trousers… There is many an option out there… and why not? You’ve known each other for years. You get on well. You’ve got the good basis for […]
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Toyboy Warehouse revelations
Everyone has secrets. From pinching sweets as a child, to Clark Kent’s obsession with wearing underpants over skin tight Lycra. We all have a part of ourselves that we don’t want everyone to see or know about. Whether you’re a candy kleptomaniac or a man with a Super-iority complex, there’s only a few people we […]
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Toyboy Warehouse female sexuality and power
The film ‘What Women Want’ has a chauvinist pig electrocuted before being able to understand what women want. There is another, non-lethal way for men to understand what women want (though just as painful for some) and that’s by simply listening to them. True, it helps to enjoy cryptic crossword puzzles, but with a little […]
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Toyboy and cougar dating after divorce
The latest reports from the Office of National Statistics shows us 42% of Britons file for divorce. Like most life experiences, they can happen unexpectedly and we are not always mentally and emotionally prepared for what is to come. Some of us, like myself, have a relatively easy divorce, your decree absolute is through the door within […]
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Toyboy Warehouse confidential advice
Dating and relationship problems. We all have them. Now there’s somewhere to share them. Get answers to all of those questions that you just can’t ask anyone else right here. Whatever the issue may be, whether you’re embarking on a brand new relationship with someone onsite, terminally single and looking or just plain lost, Toyboy […]
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Celebrity cougar Katie Price dating toyboy Kieran Hayler
Goodbye Ashton, hello… Kieran Hayler??   Is this the new face of toyboys everywhere? Let’s hope not.   The red-tops and gossip mags are alight with it. It has everything; glamour (model), sex (allegedly), and sympathetic protagonists (um…)   Yup, it’s the latest lurch in Katie Price’s love life; her toyboy had an affair. With […]
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