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Celebrity cougar Katie Price dating toyboy Kieran Hayler

Are These The New Faces of Toyboy and Cougar Dating?

Goodbye Ashton, hello… Kieran Hayler??


Is this the new face of toyboys everywhere? Let’s hope not.


The red-tops and gossip mags are alight with it. It has everything; glamour (model), sex (allegedly), and sympathetic protagonists (um…)


Yup, it’s the latest lurch in Katie Price’s love life; her toyboy had an affair. With a woman almost old enough to be HER mother, let alone his.


In the kind of twist that only the modern age can provide, the former glamour model/business woman/icon of female emancipation and self-determination/encapsulation of all that’s wrong with the modern world broke the news in a typically understated manner.

tweet 1

Via twitter.

And this is how the world learned that Katie’s husband, Kieran Hayler (nine years her junior) had been having a ‘full blown sexual affair’ with a woman, Jane Poutney (22 years his senior).


Pretty sure that confirms Mr Hayler’s a card-carrying toyboy.


According to one of his exes, Kieran has always had a thing for older women.


“Whenever we were out we’d play a ‘who do you fancy’ game and he’d always pick  older women. He’d say Heather Locklear, Demi Moore, Liz Hurley – he really liked Liz Hurley.


“They were all older. He didn’t put Katie on the list.”


Source: The Mirror


Ever since the toyboy and cougar dating poster-children, Ashton Kutcher and Demi Moore*, parted ways, (and the whole Harry-from-One-Direction-and-some-lass-called-Flack was widely assumed to be a publicity stunt), there’s been a vacuum. A position vacant. Our go-to cultural shorthand for a man who’s a toyboy. Someone who’s proved himself experienced enough for the role.


Is Kieran Hayler the best we can do? Really?? A part-time stripper and builder who cheated on his pregnant wife?


Let’s hope not.

In fact, let’s choose our new face of toyboy and cougar dating everywhere, here and now.


He’s not an obvious choice. He’s old enough to be the peer of many women here on Toyboywarehouse. But, with a 17-year-long marriage to a woman 13 years his senior proves, he’s got the chops. As X Men: Days of Future Past proves, they’re even mutton chops.


Stand up and take your crown, Hugh Jackman. You’re the toyboy we’ve been waiting for.



*By the way, Demi, we have it on good authority Kieran will be single again very, very soon…

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