Cheating: Can We have Our Cake and Eat it?

Daniel Lavey

My name is Daniel and I'm a fledgling freelance writer from Lincoln. I graduated from a Creative Writing Masters degree at The University of Lincoln, where I passed with a distinction and several awards for my writing. It almost felt like I was cheating on the course because I really enjoyed the work and was enthusiastic about the projects.

I like to think I'm a comedic writer, but I also like to make people think. No matter what I'm writing, I love to entertain people. Even in exams for my English BA I would write jokes about the set novels, which I vividly remember getting quoted on a tutor's Facebook update - perhaps my only achievement of the Victorian module.

I enjoy writing comedy, fiction, and experiences from my life whilst travelling. Two major ongoing projects of mine are writing about my stay in Japan and an adaptation of The Count of Monte Cristo, my favourite story of all time.