Toyboy Warehouse is the largest community of older women looking for younger men on the web and men looking for cougar dating in the UK. We’re an independent dating site with a unique online experience.
The site has been designed to make everything as intuitive as possible, but here’s a guide to help you should you get stuck. If you have suggestions or questions then please get in touch here.

How can I choose the best username?

Your username is your onsite name, it is how other members will know you and it is your first opportunity to attract attention.

A good place to start is with your first name or nickname. Then try mixing it up a little by adding something that lets people know a little about your personality. But don’t worry about it too much as there are lots of other parts that contribute to how you make your first impression.

We can’t approve usernames that contain your full name, special characters e.g. *!:-(, email address, contact details or anything that could be considered inappropriate.

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How do I change my username?

Only premium members are able to change their username. If you’re a premium member email: [email protected] stating your current and new username and we’ll make the change for you.

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What should I put in my profile?

We have provided you with some questions to help you make your profile stand out. Many of the questions can be answered by simply choosing one of the multiple choice answers, however there are also four questions that each require a written answer enabling you to really sell yourself:

About you

If someone is visiting your profile, they will most certainly read this answer, don’t waste the opportunity to make a great impression. Consider and include the essential details about you, what do you do for work and for fun, what type of person are you and what are your aspirations. Don’t be shy to add more details of why you’re different and could be the perfect match for anyone checking you out.

What would your exes say about you?

This question may seem a little strange but trust us, it’s a great opportunity to reveal something about your past or your personality. You can choose to be witty or serious, tell everyone how many hearts you’ve broken or give everyone a taste of your sense of humour.

What are you looking for in the opposite sex?

Here you can let everyone know what you are looking for, whether it’s someone to have fun with or someone for keeps. Do you like blondes, brunettes or people with a bachelor of arts? It’s best to be upfront with what you want so that when you start making connections your interests are similar to those of the person you contact.

What are your main turn offs?

Everyone has them, whether it’s smoking, poor hygiene, it’s completely up to you.

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How do I change my password?

If you forget your password, click on ‘Login’ on the Toyboy Warehouse homepage and click ‘Forgot’.

Enter your username, and click ‘reset password’ instructions will be sent to your registered email address.

To change your password when logged in, simply select ‘Settings’ from the drop down ‘Profile’ menu, click on the ‘Change password’ tab and fill in your current and new password.

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Can my profile be found on Google?

No. Don’t worry, Toyboy Warehouse won’t leave you exposed. We are a closed dating site which means only our main pages are visible to search engines, not your profiles.

What’s more, visitors who aren’t logged in members cannot see your profile.

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How do I edit my profile?

To update your profile, click ‘Edit profile’ on the left-hand menu or click ‘Profile’ in the top right corner of the logged in page and select ‘Edit profile’.

From here you have the option of editing your photos, basic profile information and full profile answers.

Be sure to click on ‘Save’ at the bottom right of the screen when you’re done.

All profile amendments on Toyboy Warehouse are manually approved, including all photos and text. Your profile amendments will be reviewed by Team Toyboy Warehouse within a few hours.

We cannot approve profiles that contain contact details, explicit content, abuse or general nonsense. Apart from that, you’re good to go!

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How do I search for other members?

Once logged in you can search for other members using the basic search bar at the top of the logged in homepage.

On any other page click the ‘Search’ button on the left-hand menu. You can perform a general search using the search bar and selecting the age range and location of people you would like to meet.

If you know what you’re looking for, click ‘Advanced’ on the top right of the search bar and this will give you more precise options. You can search by username and other specific options such as height, body type or whether or not they have children. A basic search is a good place to start and then you can add advanced options to refine that search as you wish.

Men will only see women who are older than them and women will only see men younger, although you can adjust your search criteria to your own desires.

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Can I save my search criteria?

Yes. To save time when searching for other members you can save your search criteria. After performing a search simply click ‘Save search’ to store your latest criteria. When you want to search again just click on ‘Use saved’ and your search will be restored.

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What is the best way to flirt on Toyboy Warehouse?

Toyboy Warehouse is designed to give you lots of great options when it comes flirting – it’s up to you which one you choose.

Winks can be sent and received by all members. A wink is the perfect way to let someone know that you are interested and test the water to see if the feeling is mutual. To wink at someone, simply visit their profile and click ‘Wink’.

Cards can also be sent and received by all members and they give you the chance to say a little more about you. Choose from our different themes, ranging from funny to friendly, and send to your heart’s content.

Nothing has the same impact as a direct message. Enhanced by Toyboy Warehouse’s instant chat function, a message immediately grabs attention and demands response. Remember to turn on your charm and show a genuine interest.

If you need more tips for making the first move, check out our blog which is constantly updated with advice especially for Toyboy Warehouse members.

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How do I send a message?

Messaging is a premium only service. Once you’ve upgraded, simply go onto the profile of the member that you wish to message and click ‘Chat!’

You can also access your messages by clicking the ‘Messages’ button on the left-hand side of the homepage when logged in. If you’re accessing Toyboy Warehouse on the go then simply click on the right hand menu to see your open chats.

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How do I turn off email alerts?

For your convenience, Toyboy Warehouse will send you an email to notify you of interaction with your profile, allowing you to keep on top of all your onsite action.

If you wish to amend which email alerts you receive, when logged in click ‘Profile’ in the top right corner of the page, select ‘Settings’ from the drop down menu and via the ‘Notification settings’ tab you can alter what you receive.

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Can I block another member of Toyboy Warehouse?

Yes. If you wish to block someone from contacting you or seeing your profile, on their profile click ‘More’, from the drop down menu select ‘Block’.

If someone has blocked you, you will not be able to see their profile.

If you block someone by mistake you can unblock them by removing them from your ‘blocked list’. To do so, click ‘Blocked’ on the left-hand menu of your logged in page. Here you can see everyone that you have currently blocked and unblock them by clicking the ‘Unblock’ box to the right of their username.

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How do I add another member as a ‘Friend’ on Toyboy Warehouse?

Premium members of Toyboy Warehouse can add other members as ‘Friends’. Friends can share instant chat even if one of the members decides to appear off the market for a while.

If you want to add someone as a friend, visit their profile page and click ‘More’, from the drop down menu simply select ‘Friend’.

Once your friend request is accepted, you can find them on your ‘Friends’ list.

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What are my ‘favourites’?

Your ‘Favourites’ are a list of members that you particularly like.

You can add any member to your list by visiting their profile and clicking the ‘Favourite’ button to the right of their main display picture. Alternatively you can click ‘Favourite’ on the drop down menu when selecting the down arrow below a profile picture on search page.

This member will then be informed that you have added them, unless they have requested not to receive this email notification.

This is a great way to show someone that you’re interested and also make searching on Toyboy Warehouse a lot easier.

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I’m married, can I still join Toyboy Warehouse?

No! This site is for single people only.
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Is this an escort service?

No it is not. Toyboy Warehouse is a dating site. The men and women on here aren’t interested in paying for your attention.
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Can I hide my profile?

Absolutely. Whether you are going away for a few days or have started dating someone you can hide your profile without having to delete it.

Click ‘Profile’ in the top right-hand corner and select ‘Settings’ from the drop down menu. From the list of options below the ‘Settings’ header, select ‘Hide account’.

If accessing Toyboy Warehouse on your mobile ‘Settings’ can be found on the left hand sliding menu.

From here you have three options:

  • ‘Hide me from all members except my Toyboy Warehouse friends’ – this option allows you to remain visible only to those members with which you have already established an onsite friendship.

  • ‘Hide me from all members until I choose to return’ – this option hides you completely from all members on the site.

  • ‘Activate my profile so I can get to know other members’ – this option is for when you are ready to return.

Please note that suspending your profile does not mean your premium membership will be paused.

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What’s the deal with profile photos?

Photos are a great addition to your profile and dramatically increase the attention you receive on site. It a good idea to have a headshot as your profile pictures.

Free members are able to upload up to 20 photos.

As a Premium member you are able to upload an unlimited number of photos and see all photos on other profiles. and are able to add captions to their photos.

All photos are approved manually and some photos we cannot approve. Avoid photos that feature any of the following:

  • You and your pals – people won’t know which is you.

  • Your favourite football team, car, etc, that is not going to entice people into wanting to meet you.

  • Anything explicit or headless torso shots, people want to see a face!

Once you’ve uploaded the photo you must select a square thumbnail of your face. This makes it really easy for other members to see you across the site.

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Why hasn’t my profile been approved?

There are several reasons why profiles may not be approved:

  • Use of inappropriate language

  • Poorly written nonsensical responses

  • Contact details in profile

  • You obviously aren’t single

As long as you aren’t breaking any of our rules of play then your profile will be approved. If you’ve included any of the above simply edit your profile to remove them and it will be reviewed and approved by Team Toyboy Warehouse.

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Why has my profile been deleted?

There are very few reasons why we would terminate someone’s membership:

  • Being abusive to another member

  • Asking for money from another member

  • Being revealed as a false profile

  • Having multiple profiles on Toyboy Warehouse

  • Choosing inappropriate usernames

If you feel your profile has been deleted without reason then please contact admin through our ‘Contact us’ page.

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How old do I have to be to join Toyboy Warehouse?

Men have to be at least 18 years old to join Toyboy Warehouse.

Women have to be at least 24 years old to join Toyboy Warehouse.

There is no maximum age for people to join Toyboy Warehouse.

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Is Toyboy Warehouse a free dating site?

It is free to become a member of Toyboy Warehouse. As a free member you are able to search all members, send and receive winks, cards, create a favourite list and join in on Toyboy Warehouse events.

However there is much more fun to be had by upgrading to premium. Premium members get many added extras on Toyboy Warehouse including limitless chat and boosted profile visibility.

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What is the best membership package for me?

Toyboy Warehouse has two membership levels – Free and Premium.

You will automatically become a free member when your profile is approved.

As a free member you can search all members and flirt using winks, cards and favourites.

As a Premium member you get full, unrestricted access to Toyboy Warehouse, with extra features including: a full list of profile views, revealing who favourited you, limitless chat and much more.

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How do premium payments work?

To upgrade your profile click the ‘Upgrade‘ button on the left-hand menu.

Premium memberships are managed by subscription. To ensure you never miss a date, your membership will be automatically extended for successive renewal periods of the same duration. Of course, you can easily upgrade, downgrade or cancel the renewal at any time and for no cost.

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How do I cancel my premium subscription?

You are able to cancel your subscription by calling our customer support line on 0800 8085205. Our phone lines are open 10am – 5.30pm Monday to Friday.

Cancelling your premium subscription will have an immediate effect, stopping all future billings until you decide to upgrade again. Your account will remain premium for the rest of the period you have paid for.

You must unsubscribe at least 2 hours before your next billing time.

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What appears on my bank statement?

For your discretion, when you make a payment to Toyboy Warehouse it will appear simply as ‘TBW’ on your bank statement.

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Why can’t I access Toyboy Warehouse on my computer?

Toyboy Warehouse is a website optimised for all platforms including desktop, laptop computers and mobile phones and tablets.

This website will work on the latest versions of all main browsers, Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, Internet Explorer and Apple’s Safari. It also works equally well on both iOS and Android.

Toyboy Warehouse recommends using Google Chrome, the latest version of which can be downloaded here.

In order to maintain the best possible service, Toyboy Warehouse continually redevelops parts of the website. As a result you may occasionally experience some interruption very early in the morning whilst changes to our technology are updated.

If you have the latest version of your browser and are still experiencing problems please let us know via the contact form.

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Tips for the Guys

Here are some tips for men on Toyboy Warehouse to get the best results from the site:

  • Do read the woman’s profile and comment on something in it. You will win points if you can prove you have read it and are not just using the ‘scatter-gun’ copy and paste approach.

  • Do establish an exchange of messages before suggesting to chat outside of Toyboy Warehouse.

  • Do take no for an answer with good grace. Don’t react with insults – she may come back to you later.

  • Don’t put up a photo of your car, your bike, your baby (yes men do that more often than women!), you and your ex girlfriend or you in a group of friends (how will we know who you are?!) It’s just you we want to see!

  • Don’t upload a photo of your penis, ever. It won’t be approved and women do not want to see it. Don’t use a pic of your headless torso as your photo – we want to see your face!

  • Don’t fire off the same message to hundreds of women. We can tell.

  • Don’t sneak your contact details into your profile or your message subject line. Women do not respond to that. They simply report you and think you are cheap.

  • Don’t send a lengthy first message about yourself. Put what you want to say about yourself in your profile and try to start a genuine conversation.

  • Don’t write in capitals, AS IT LOOKS LIKE YOU’RE SHOUTING!

  • Never send a woman a picture of your private parts unless she is expecting it. Women don’t generally want to see a picture of your penis, even if you’re very proud if it. Keep it until you meet. Let her take her own picture if it’s that great!

  • Do not start explicit sex talk with a woman before you have been intimate with her, and even then, find out if that’s what she likes. Start with being a gentleman and then, if it’s appropriate you can be a cave man!

  • View our blog for more tips.

All these guidelines apply whether a woman is looking for a fling or a mate.

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Tips for the Gals

Here are some tips for women on TBW to get the best out of the site:

  • Do keep your profile dynamic. If you’re not having much success, update your photo, or simplify your wording. It is easy for the more mature party to be quite intimidating without realising it.

  • Do keep your list of turn offs down to the essentials. It shouldn’t be a list of all the things you’ve ever hated in your exes.

  • Surprise a guy by making the first move. They’ll be delighted and it is the best way to take the reins and get the guy you like.

  • Make sure that your photo and your profile are aligned. If you upload a sexy photo (by that we mean low-cut dress because lingerie shots are not allowed) you’re going to get a sexy response; if that’s not what you want upload a headshot.

  • View our blog for more tips.

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How do I stay safe on Toyboy Warehouse?

Don’t give out too much information

Fraudsters are very adept at getting information from you without you really realising it. It may sound obvious but never give out personal details about yourself such as your address, exactly where you work or financial details. If someone seems to be asking too many questions, be wary and only agree to give out your picture if they do the same. NEVER give or send them money and please inform us if anyone asks for money as this is strictly against our rules.

Be sure they are who they say they are

It is not only naïve teenagers that can be conned by people on the internet. Deceptions can be as innocent as posting a very flattering photo of themselves all the way to lying about being married or every aspect of their identity. It is difficult to really know if someone is lying, as those who do are often very good at it. There are a few steps you can take to try and regulate them though. Firstly get their phone number if you are agreeing to meet and ring it to make sure they answer. Anyone can set up an email address and it is difficult to trace. Also, ask a few questions about their family, career and home life. If they seem vague or contradict themselves this can be a good warning sign. You might also try looking for their profile on a social networking site.

Never agree to a first meet at home

Like any blind date it is important that you meet in a public place where there are plenty of other people around. Never agree for them to pick you up or to meet at their house. There is plenty of time for that when you know more about them. Many happy couples have met online and it can be a rewarding experience. Just be aware of the lures of the internet and the ease by which people can obscure their true identity.

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My question still hasn’t been answered, how do I find out more?

We hope you have found the answers you needed in the information above. If not, please contact us by sending an email to: [email protected] or message us via Contact Us
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