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Toyboy Warehouse Speed Dating

Toyboy Warehouse Speed Dating

Speed Dating can seem a little nerve-wracking. You have just a few minutes to impress your date and, who knows, this one could be the love of your life. So what do you do? First of all, don’t worry about it. You only have a few moments together to make a lasting impression, but you have plenty of time beforehand to prepare and make those seconds count. Even better, Toyboy Warehouse has assembled a few pointers to get you ready to go.

1. Look good. 

It’s no secret that the key to feeling good can be as simple as looking good. You’d make the effort for a full length date, so make sure you dress to impress on this night too. Whether that means going all out or picking something flattering but still comfortable,  It’s also a good excuse to treat yourself and have that new outfit/hairdo feeling.

2. Prepare a few questions. 

Think quirky questions, almost like the Toyboy Warehouse sign-up process:

‘Which 3 adjectives would you use to describe you?’

‘Do you have a party trick?’

Questions about dreams and aspirations work well too, as everyone feels happy talking about these things. It might even be a hint as to the long-term compatibility of you and your date. Avoid enigmatic questions like ‘Which colour would describe you?’, they might find this interesting or they might just spent the whole date thinking of how to answer.

3. Flirt

Make sure you get a little flirty. There’s nothing wrong with making new friends, but nor is it a bad thing to test out the chemistry and see if there’s a sexier dynamic between the two of you. Try lightly teasing, holding eye contact and encourage them to tell you something they haven’t told anyone else who’s there tonight. If you’re feeling very confident and it seems to be flowing, make a little bit of physical contact – even just a small touch at a moment when it feels natural. This can help establish a bond with someone who really takes your interest.

4. Finish each conversation properly

You’re short on time and the buzzer just rang, but don’t shuffle off and forget to round the conversation off as you would any other. Maintain your charm and conversation long enough to say a goodbye greeting and get in a cheeky smile.

5. Smile

Another way that people bond is by experiencing emotions at the same time and if you’re both smiling and laughing together, you’re going to feel connected in the best way.

6. Be your best self

You wouldn’t start an interview for a job by mentioning how you once got sacked getting caught by your manager eating cookies in the backroom when you should have been working. Don’t get too caught up in the negative, you only have a couple of minutes so you don’t want to spend them explaining a complicated history. Divorces? No. Diseases? No. Stick to the good stuff, trust me.

7. Don’t let one person do all the talking

They say it’s hard to speak about any subject for a whole five minutes if you have to. But sometimes it really isn’t. If you notice yourself chatting for a bit too long, turn the subject over to them quickly. Women: remember men love talking about themselves too. It’s not an interview, it’s an exchange.

8. Don’t worry 

Even if you get all these things wrong, you’ll be moving straight onto the next date and the previous is already in the past. Roll with it and take advantage of the fact that you can start all over again with someone new.

Now all that’s left is to put it all in practice. Keep an eye out for cougar dating events and meetups.

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