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Cougar dating

5 Things to Consider When Dating, By a Self-Confessed Cougar

  1. A cougar is a human being! Okay, so she’s a few years older than you but never lose sight of the fact that she is an attractive, intelligent and as sexy as any other woman on the planet! You don’t need to make special allowances for her or treat her any differently from any other member of the fairer sex. Just be respectful and let the partnership blossom in the same way as you would any other relationship.
  2. Be clear on your motives. This is extremely important, guys. You need to know as early as possible exactly why you’re with this cougar. Are you seeking a long-term relationship with marriage, kids and a three-bed semi detached house? If so then at some point you’ll need to know where she stands on having children. After all, she may even already have children and not be looking for more. Similarly, if you’re just looking for a quick lay – a bit of light adult fun – then again you need to be open and honest about this from the outset. There’s nothing wrong with this but you do need to make sure that she is happy with it too. Don’t be afraid to ask – many cougars sign up to sites such as Toyboy Warehouse for this reason alone!
  3. Be prepared for reactions from those close to you. Yes, I know that we live in the 21st century in a society where anything goes. But at heart people can be quite prejudiced in the way that they perceive things. I know a young man who brought his new cougar girlfriend to meet his parents but they all but disowned him due to their own ignorance about the relationship. Even close friends may mock, especially to begin with. Don’t read too much into this, though, as their concerns may well be genuine. They may even come from a position of ignorance as to the nature of older women dating younger men. Either way it is solely their problem – never forget this!
  4. View the age gap as a positive not a negative – whatever the difference may be in years, this should not be the recurring theme of your relationship. In fact many successful older women and younger man relationships (especially the ones that end in marriage) have claimed that the secret to their love is that the age gap simply disappears after a while. If it does crop up in conversation then remind yourself of all of the benefits: toyboys, you have a glorious older woman who may even spoil you rotten; cougars, you have a fit young guy full of energy and you’re the constant envy of all of the other women your age. You’re the winners!
  5. Have fun! Yes, you’re dating a cougar but just like dating any woman, make sure that you enjoy yourself! You may even be in a position whereby you are with someone who is free from young children and money worries, so there should be no stress in the relationship. Just have a great time!
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