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Mum Asks the Internet: Is Dating Younger Men Selfish?

When a 52-year-old mum took to the internet to discuss her experiences dating younger men, she wasn’t expecting the avalanche of responses she’d get. Sarah’s honest question was simple: “Is it selfish of me to date men significantly younger?”

Sarah’s Dating Diaries

Sarah’s dating journey began post-divorce. She decided to explore new experiences, not limited by age or societal norms. Her first relationship with a younger man, Tom, who was 32, was a whirlwind. They shared laughter, adventures, and late-night conversations that felt new and invigorating.

A Critic from Within

But the voice of her best friend, Paula, rang in her ears: “Aren’t you depriving him of a regular life, like having children?” Sarah couldn’t dismiss Paula’s concern. Was she being unfair to Tom, who might want children or a partner his age someday?

Internet’s Mixed Reactions

Seeking a broader perspective, Sarah turned to an online forum. The reactions varied wildly. Some users saw her relationship with Tom as a passionate adventure between two consenting adults. “Age is just a number,” commented one user, pointing out that the heart wants what it wants.

However, not all were supportive. A few pointed fingers, labelling her as a “cougar” taking advantage of younger men. One user asked, “Would you be okay if your son dated someone your age?”

Silver Linings and Second Thoughts

The silver lining? The discussions made Sarah reflect deeply. She found solace in responses from older women in similar relationships. Their experiences mirrored her own — the initial guilt, the societal judgment, but also the immense joy and fulfilment. For many, their partners were not with them for fleeting thrills but for genuine connection.

The Question of Selfishness

So, was Sarah being selfish? Some would say yes, while others would applaud her for following her heart. Relationships are deeply personal. The importance is ensuring that both parties are aware of and understand the dynamics at play.

Sarah’s Decision

Sarah and Tom had a heart-to-heart. Tom, ever the romantic, shared that he valued their time together above societal norms. Their connection was genuine, and while the future was uncertain, they were living in the present.


Sarah’s story isn’t unique. Many women face judgment for their relationship choices. However, true happiness comes from understanding oneself and one’s partner. It’s about mutual respect, understanding, and communication. Instead of seeking answers online, perhaps the real answers lie within the relationship itself.

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    I always love a older woman to meet, spend few hours together, have a nice walk, spend quality time together. If you like, enjoy it, don’t see why should be selfish. Fun does’t have age, it’s just fun 🙂