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ToyboyWarehouse.com is a sexy, fun and intelligent dating community for older women and younger men who want love, lust and romance.

-Julia Macmillan, founder ToyboyWarehouse.com



“In past years more and more female celebrities have found younger boyfriends. Cougar dating has become the go-to phrase used to describe a woman who dates younger men. However, I felt that the media presents the older woman younger man dynamic as polarised and therefore excluding a lot of women. On the one hand you have the glamorous film and pop stars who we can all admire from afar, and on the other the over-sexualised image of women with the ‘cougar’ label, who are often portrayed as sexual predators.

What I saw was something in between – dynamic, intelligent women who were financially independent and could take care of their own security. They were making different choices from their mothers and going for men who made them feel great, and not necessarily those with the financial means to fund their lifestyles, as they could do that for themselves.

So Toyboy Warehouse is a sexy, fun and intelligent dating community, but it is not a sex site. Our members are looking for love, lust and romance and no judgement is placed based on which you choose.

We believe that relationships thrive where there is chemistry and connection, and a little extra challenge can keep things exciting. As one 35 year old successful, intelligent man said:”

“I couldn’t be with a younger woman; I’d trample all over her. I need an older woman to challenge me.”

-Simon, 35, Carlisle


“So why did I call it Toyboy Warehouse?…

Shouldn’t I have named it something more serious, you ask? Well, Toyboy Warehouse is a name you remember because it’s funny and playful. My view is that playfulness is the core of the older woman younger man relationship and if two people are able to keep that playfulness throughout the relationship then it can develop into something really exciting. Older women have discarded their lengthy tick box lists and stopped trying to mould a man into some perceived ideal, and young men crave the confidence and experience that only years can give to a woman.

At TBW HQ, we believe that opposites attract and play well together but can still be serious and sensible sometimes too.

Here are the best two quotes that I can find to explain it…”

Why women like a younger man:

“Since my last boyfriend who was only three years younger than me, I prefer younger men. Why? Oh I don’t know, because they’re fresh, young, excitable, not yet jaded by life or women and they have so much stamina and enthusiasm. It would be a shame for them to waste it on some young thing that has no idea what she’s doing.”

-Steph, 44, Hemel Hempstead

Why men like an older woman:

“Nothing beats the conversation of a woman with the confidence to laugh at herself while piquing you to the point of jealousy with the depth of her sexual experience. Where has she been, the older woman? What has she done? Who else has pinched her; where? No younger woman can light these fires of curiosity. In the amused lines around the older woman’s eyes you read the questions that never will be answered. There’s the excitement. There’s the challenge. There’s the sting that makes us happy.”

-Steve, 29, London


How it works:

Toyboy Warehouse is the UK’s largest independent dating site especially for cougars and toyboys. Independent means we’re not part of a larger dating network, so you won’t appear on any other dating sites when you join us.

After becoming a member of Toyboy Warehouse, women can only contact men who at least a year younger than themselves and vice versa.

It’s free to sign up, create your profile and search the database to see who takes your fancy. You can also send winks and pre-written cards to flirt with other members.

You can suspend your membership if you’re going away for a couple of days. You can also appear as ‘Hidden’ if things are hotting up with someone but you don’t want to leave the site just yet.

Toyboy Warehouse is a site for single people, so we do not allow anyone who is married to become a member. To maintain a high quality of potential suitors all profiles and photos are manually approved and we do not allow any explicit content on the site.

To find out more about Toyboy Warehouse head over to our Frequently Asked Questions page for a full detailed explanation.

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