The Rise and Reinvention of the ‘Cougar’

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The rise and reinvention of the word cougar and cougar dating
Cougar, noun 1.North American term for puma. 2. informal, an older woman seeking a sexual relationship with a younger man. Though cougar dating has always existed, it has been said that the term ‘cougar’ when used to mean an older woman sexually pursuing a younger man first occurred as recently as the 1980s in Canada. An […]
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Toyboy dating
Dating, we’ve all been there, we’ve all done it. But the way we date today is drastically different to how our parents met and even more so to their parents. Although the core ‘two become one’ principle ultimately remains the same, the way we date continues to evolve and become increasingly more… The most significant […]
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Female leadership and cougar dating
Older women dating younger men is no new phenomenon, as a quick look at centuries of history can inform us. With examples of women who loved cougar dating to pluck from as far back as the Bible, many of these ladies have also been truly iconic, like Cleopatra and Catherine the Great. In fact, to peruse […]
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Bidding for love
The in-thing in New York City right now is auction dating, where men bid to date women. The world’s largest dating-auction website surveyed 5,000 New York males in order to determine New York’s definition of “The Perfect Woman” based on the following female qualities: Hair Colour, Eye Colour, Vice, and Education. Utilising the platform’s dating […]
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Age gap love
We at TBW HQ found this great article in the Chicago Tribune last week… Old enough to be his…. Wife “When he moved to Los Angeles, Charlie Capen, 20 at the time, could have joined his friends hitting the clubs. Instead, he fell in love with a woman eight years older, an age difference that […]
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Teens dating younger guys
On December 15th 2011, TBW founder, Julia Macmillan wrote an article for Yahoo News and PRWeb about the trend in the age of women wanting to date younger men going down. This was in response to the, for want of a better word, flack, that beset Caroline Flack when she dated Harry Styles, the latest […]
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Overseas relations
We at TBW HQ have decided the time has come to open the site internationally, and so we now welcome registrations from outside Europe. As this is a new thing, it will take a little time before the site is populated enough for new international users to actually “date”, as it were. In the meantime, […]
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Texas teacher and her student
Not so long ago, if a female teacher had been found having a relationship with a pupil in her school she would have been fired immediately. Now perhaps attitudes are changing if people see how both parties can benefit and give each other happiness and support. A recent example of this was reported in Fort […]
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Julia Macmillan's feet
I’ve just returned from a weekend in Geneva. It’s a city I hadn’t visited before as I always thought there were more exciting places to go but as I have friends there I felt it was time for a visit. It isn’t a town that’s at the top of My most happening place list but […]
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