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Overseas relations

TBW Goes International!

We at TBW HQ have decided the time has come to open the site internationally, and so we now welcome registrations from outside Europe.

As this is a new thing, it will take a little time before the site is populated enough for new international users to actually “date”, as it were. In the meantime, it’s always great to make new friends. And Skype and Viber are excellent tools for keeping in touch across the miles.

We made this decision because we’ve had a lot of interest from America, Canada and Australia, and so, instead of waiting for a very public international launch, we’ve chosen to go with the soft launch approach and spread out that way.

Our last TBW party at Christmas was attended by people who had flown in from the Netherlands and as a result of that, there is now a burgeoning relationship between one of our TBW female members and a chap from Amsterdam!
Another two of our members, one in the UK and one in Scandinavia, are currently arranging a drink by candlelight over Skype, with a view to meeting in the flesh (so to speak) later in the year.

The Team @ TBW

We expect more international relations, as making contact through TBW is as easy as clicking your mouse!

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