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Odd Dating: New trends that prove there is no normal

Dating, we’ve all been there, we’ve all done it. But the way we date today is drastically different to how our parents met and even more so to their parents. Although the core ‘two become one’ principle ultimately remains the same, the way we date continues to evolve and become increasingly more…

The most significant change in our lifetime has obviously been online dating, enabling people to find more specific partners from all corners of the globe. Whether that be religion specific dating sites or age gap dating like Cougar Dating site ToyboyWarehouse. Ways to find love online are endless, but what are the newest ways out there to find love, lust and romance?

Here are four quirky dating methods, yet to hit the mainstream.

1) Professional Wing-Men/Women

This service rents out actors, models and attractive people to pretend to be your friend, for a fee. They praise you to potential partners as any wing man would do but with the added bonus of raising your social standing. Through associating with the attractive person, others will find you more appealing as you have been ‘pre-selected’ for the company of other attractive people. Well that’s the idea anyway.

2) Sleeping Beauties

The artist, Taras Polataiko, created an art exhibit consisting only of attractive women sleeping. Sounds strange already, but it gets weirder. Men who visited the exhibit were more than welcome to kiss any of the women, with the catch that they were contractually obliged to marry the woman if he kissed her and she responded by opening her eyes.

3) Gesture Dating

In this kind of dating, nobody is allowed to speak. Daters communicate through eye contact and exaggerated physical movement, making a room look a bit like a martial arts class! This eliminates the tedium of chat up lines and the interview-like procedure which accompanies many speed dates. This unusual method is believed to be good for breaking down barriers, often resulting in a lot of laughing and revealing people’s true self.

4) Genetic Matchmaking

This is the idea that couples can be matched based on the compatibility of their biology, drawing information from animal courtship. This theory suggests that people are attracted to different pheromones and someone with dissimilar genetics. In the dating context, this matchmaking has occurred through the use of sweaty t-shirts. Nice, I know. Typically the dater will sleep in a t-shirt for three consecutive nights and other daters will then smell it at an event. If they like the smell then they will meet later in the evening.

So what do you think – novel or just plain odd? Fancy a bit of toyboy dating through smelling t-shirts or watching them sleep?!

Written by Sarah from Team TBW, published as part of our 30 Blogs in 30 Days campaign, reopening dating preconceptions. Join in the discussion below or on our Facebook page.

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