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Bidding for love

Bidding for Love

The in-thing in New York City right now is auction dating, where men bid to date women.

The world’s largest dating-auction website surveyed 5,000 New York males in order to determine New York’s definition of “The Perfect Woman” based on the following female qualities: Hair Colour, Eye Colour, Vice, and Education.

Utilising the platform’s dating structure, where members bid for opportunities at first dates, it was determined how much these men are willing to spend to go on a first date with their perception of “The Perfect Woman.” The website objectively measured the most desirable female features based on the average amount (in dollars) of first date offers.

The following female qualities were ranked according to the average first date offers made by 5,000 New York males:

The Perfect Woman:

Most Desirable Hair Colour
Brunette Hair (+$147.91)
Blonde Hair (+$145.16)
Black Hair (+$142.84)
Red Hair (+$139.15)
Other (+$135.72)

Most Desirable Eye Colour
Brown Eyes (+$46.22)
Blue Eyes (+$45.57)
Green Eyes (+$45.19)
Hazel Eyes (+43.68)
Other (+$40.94)

Most Desirable Vice (Drinking)
Social Drinker (+20.73)
Casual Drinker (+18.11)
Non-Drinker (+14.35)

Most Desirable Vice (Smoking)

Non-Smoker (+19.05)
Casual Smoker (+16.60)
Regular Smoker (+9.87)

Most Desirable Education
Master’s Degree (+32.34)
Doctorate Degree (+$30.48)
Bachelor’s Degree (+$25.62)
Associate’s Degree (+$22.93)
High-School Diploma (+$11.29)

Based on the results of this study, New York’s perception of “The Perfect Woman” is brunette (+$147.91) with brown eyes (+$46.22), a social drinker (+$20.73) who doesn’t smoke (+$19.05), who is a college graduate with a Master’s Degree (+$32.34). The most desirable female features altogether earn an average first date offer of $266.25.
Of all the major cities surveyed, New York is the only one to value Brown-eyed girls the most.

What do our ToyboyWarehouse members think of this idea? Would something like this work in the UK?

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