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Woman applying red lipstick
FIRST dates are big, scary and unpredictable. Think job interview, only more personal if you’re rejected for the role. As it’s so intimidating, all that’s left to do is hide in a corner and pretend it’s not going to happen, right? Stop right there. As with all things challenging, taking a few simple but important […]
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Love or online dating concept heart shape symbol on laptop keyboard
I hear from other women who date younger men that they often stay attracted to a particular age group, and this whole issue of attraction renders me curious. I’m fairly fixed in my habit of dating younger men, and have pretty well accepted that, as it’s been the case for almost 20 years now. Personally, […]
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Fine art photo of a glamour woman
As we approach All Hallow’s Eve and the witching hour, I thought I would reflect upon an ancient concept, one which although archaic, is is still held sacred by some today. Sex Magic (or Magick) however it may be spelled, is the idea that there is a special power attached to the primal sex drive […]
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[wdpv_vote] You can vote here! I didn’t always want to date toyboys. In fact, after my marriage broke down, inviting attention from younger men was the last thing on my mind… After my divorce, I felt lumpy, bereft, and worthless. But for the sake of the outside world I was consumed with keeping up appearances. […]
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Toyboy Warehouse - The 15 Most Romantic Places For Cougar Dating
So when the time if right with your cougar or toyboy and you want to surprise them with an amazing, romantic trip that they’ll remember for years to come, sure, Paris and Venice are great, but they’re a little bit cliché – you want something original, something thoughtful, something… magical. Well, I’ve made it my mission […]
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