Why I Choose To Date Younger Men

Rebecca Perkins

Rebecca is the inspiring author of Best Knickers Always:50 Lessons for Midlife. She began writing as a way to make sense of her life after her daughter’s illness and the ending of her 20 year marriage.

Trained as an NLP Master Practitioner and Coach, she works intensively with clients to make often profound changes to their lives. She is a talented and dedicated personal performance coach, and a powerful role model for those wishing to make substantial positive changes in their lives.

Often described as a passionate, genuine, strong and loyal woman, she is energetic and working with her or reading her work is a motivating experience. She is well respected as a dynamic, vibrant and humorous speaker.
Alongside appearances on Woman's Hour and BBC London, Rebecca writes regularly for The Huffington Post
Rebecca finds energy and inspiration in inspiring others. Her greatest joys include supporting and being surrounded by her children, taking risks, living in  London, walking along the beach and cliff tops and celebrating life in her 50s.

Check out here website www.rebperkins.com or her latest book on Amazon http://amzn.to/1hCds3v