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Psychics Near Me: The Best UK Psychics, Mediums & Clairvoyants 16/17


International Clairvoyant & Psychic Janine Wilbraham

Location: Mid Wales

Janine Wilbraham‘If you want to be told what you want to hear this lady is not for you’. That’s from a testimonial of one of Janine’s happy clients. So many clairvoyants see their work as simply making people feel good, appeasing to their own desires. Excellent clairvoyants challenge your preconceptions, take you out of comfort zone to face things you may feel nervous about facing. Our panel has judged Janine firmly in this category and that’s why she’s made our list.

Why stop at being psychic for humans? Janine also possesses the fantastic title of Animal Communicator. She has a renowned reputation of being able to communicate with horses, not to simply ‘tell what they’re thinking’ but rather as a means of healing and cementing the connection between animal and owner.

Janine’s latest book teaches how you can become an animal communicator too. Can You Hear Me? The Psychic Animal Communicator is available now, click here to get your copy.


Ask the Psychic – Joanna Scott

Location: East Midlands


What makes someone psychic? That’s a question our panel has wrestled with in their deliberations for this list. To them it’s a different way of thinking, being able to connect dots, linking yourself to someone else’s life and seeing how it’ll play out.

Joanna possesses this ability in spades.

For some of you, you may already recognise Joanna. She works on Psychic Today TV, offering advice and insights to thousands of people across the country. She offers 1:1 sessions in everything from tarot card readings, numerology, etc. She also conducts party bookings, email readings, phone readings and lots more. If it existed, she’d win the title of UK’s hardest working psychic.

Why else do we love her? Just like us she’s dedicated to finding you love. Her book The Love Key is the first book to combine psychic love advice with dating know-how. Helping you to use psychic intuition in your own dating experiences. You can get your own copy here.


International Psychic/Clairvoyant Raymond Worthy

Location: UK


With the suffocating quality of modern life, it can be difficult to see the wider meaning of the universe. With so many decisions, obstacles to our goals and negative experiences, happiness is sometimes a difficult thing to grasp. Raymond offers a revolutionary alternative through his ability to ‘speak with angelic insight’.

Raymond was nominated primarily because of the positive effect he has had on the lives of a number of individuals. He tries to clear the fog of busy, everyday life making it easier to see how you can reach your goals. Our panel also commend Raymond on his excellent reading accuracy.

Raymond offers expert email readings and attends loads of great events across the UK. You can find Raymond at the The Psyche Gold Halloween Psychic Fair on October 30th, 2016.


Psychic Caressa

Location: London and South East

For many individuals, the time when they see a psychic or clairvoyant is during a dark period in their life; maybe through grief, a personal struggle or any other significant problem. Caressa was nominated to our panel because of her fantastic work helping people during these dark times. Alongside an excellent clairvoyant and psychic service, she offers stress therapy and a number of life changing treatments. Caressa understands the therapeutic capabilities of her psychic work and how they can provide unbelievable results when combined with other treatments.

The panel also noted her work giving relationships advice and helping to achieve personal goals. All of which makes Caressa an excellent addition to our list.

You can get in touch with Caressa about her services by emailing [email protected].


London Psychic & Clairvoyant Sasha Bonasin

Location: London

sashaSasha offers one of the widest ranges of psychic services we’ve come across. Tarot cards, coffe cup readings, tea leaves readings, palm readings, spiritual healing, mediumship and more, Sasha offers it all.

That’s not to say with quantity comes a reduce in quality. Sasha works to understand you, your problems, your life, your energy, etc. and then finds the best service for you. He offers insight into your future, connection with the spirit world, as well assistance with your own psychic abilities. The panel commended Sasha on his versatility and accuracy across a wide range of specialisms.

You can get in touch with Sasha on [email protected] for his Skype and 1:1 readings. We especially like his emergency service which will connect you to Sasha within 1 day, something we haven’t seen before.

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