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Age-Gap Dating: Fixed or flexible?

I hear from other women who date younger men that they often stay attracted to a particular age group, and this whole issue of attraction renders me curious.

I’m fairly fixed in my habit of dating younger men, and have pretty well accepted that, as it’s been the case for almost 20 years now. Personally, I’ve never been drawn to really spectacular age differences, although I have nothing against it. Obviously, I wouldn’t be a member of this website if I did! The age gap I feel comfortable with is around 10-18 years and it seems to be pretty fixed.

In my 30s, I was dating men in their 20s and as I became older, so did my dates. At every stage, I’ve appreciated different things about my partners.

Now, I notice my attraction is definitely shifting to ‘older’ men. Although I enjoy looking at younger guys, it’s more an artistic, distant enjoyment than a lust thing. No, the men who really fire me up these days are definitely more rugged, with ‘lived-in’ faces and bodies. Oh, my crushes are still much younger than I am, but I am definitely looking at the odd grey hair and laughter line with a real sense of appreciation, hoping for a mature outlook. In fact, I would say I am now looking out for these signs of maturity.

So what’s going on? Is the ‘age gap attraction’ going to continue to be fixed for me, or is it really on the move in a spectacular way? I have no idea, but it will be interesting! Those elusive qualities of compatibility and chemistry still need to be present, whatever mysterious changes are occurring.

Anyway, are there any men in their 40s out there, who still fancy older women? You know who you are! (Having said that, a 30-something with a mature outlook might do just as well…)

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