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hairy men
If you want an intelligent partner – seek out a man with body hair. A recent study conducted by psychiatrist Dr Aikarakudy Alias, who has been working on the relationship between body hair and intelligence for 22 years, showed that hairy chests are more likely to be found among the most intelligent and highly educated […]
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Get fit for your toyboy
Ladies, would you like to be slimmer and sexier for your toyboy? Do you want to feel 100% confident in your LBD?  Would losing a few pounds help? Gentlemen, would you like to feel toned and taut for the gorgeous woman in your life? Is your jelly belly causing you concern? Are you looking for […]
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Intimate couple
We thought, here at TBW HQ, that we’d post a link to a wonderful tumblr photo blog (phlog?) on Intimacy in which people have uploaded photos which in some way represent intimacy to them. There’s an enormous variety from heterosexual couples to same-sex couples to two neolithic skeletons embracing, which were found near Mantua, Romeo’s […]
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Graph to show statistics around break ups
Did you know that the most likely day of the year to be broken up with is the first Monday in December? Perhaps some combination of seasonal affect disorder and a case of the Mondays has warped the idea of you meeting their family over the holidays into something horrid. Consequently, Christmas Day is the […]
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Sin Tropez novel
Interview with Aita Ighodaro, 27, recently published first-time author. The interview took place on Tuesday 30th Nov at The Groucho Club. Aita was interviewed by Julia Macmillan, founder of Toyboy Warehouse.   JM: “Aita, tell me how you first came up with the idea of writing Sin Tropez?”   AI: “I think subconsciously since I […]
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Wendy Salisbury
Just after I was born, my family emigrated to America, the land of opportunity where the streets were ‘paved with gold’. My sister and I recently decided to retrace our childhood steps and set off for Brooklyn, Noo Yawk to see if we could find the ancestral tenement. The year was 1946. Dad had gone […]
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First date dressing service
Ladies, fed up of looking in the wardrobe and never knowing what to wear to for a hot date? Celebrity stylist, Clare Watson and founder of personal styling business Miss Dress offers a Five Top Tips on how to dress for a date and make a first impression that counts! 1. First and foremost like […]
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Kate Trevett
Are you feeling frustrated with your relationships? Do you want a loving partner but seem to be unsuccessful in reaching your goal? Do you feel you are destined to be the one who is always single?   If you are choosing men who are inappropriate and don’t have the capacity for a relationship, you may […]
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martini in a glass
It was a night like any other. But this simple mid-week drink would annihilate a long-standing relationship with my second favourite thing in the whole world: the dirty martini. It started on a cushy sofa, in a dimly lit corner somewhere in Shoreditch. He and I had sunk into its folds to wash away the […]
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