Halloween: Sex Magick

Lady Journeyman

A highly educated, well read and traveled, complex individual. She started a doctorate at an unknown university but she dropped out, leaving no official record. She's sophisticated, idealistic, compassionate, prone to cool hyperbole, waffle and long sentence construction. She enjoys fine dining, opera, ballet, theatre, fine illustration and classical music and literature. I think she may also have a predilection for esoteric spiritual stuff: Buddhism, sacred sexuality and goddess mythology spring to mind and of course, erotica. She may write for a living, no one can be sure! She may have inherited lots of money, but she does live in a pleasant, quiet area. She has never married but always had younger lovers, some long-term and live-in, so she is very experienced! I know she loves cooking and cats! It is doubtful that she has any children. She's beautiful, elegant, slimmer, better mannered, less practical and probably in her late fifties or early sixties.