Ask The Experts: “Will dating a cougar help with my fitness lifestyle?”

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Passionate kissing
In the last few weeks, the Twittersphere was all a flutter with the story of a dating blogger who was slammed by a troll who accused our heroine of being the reason that men to expect sex on the first date.   Some women, like myself, hope to have sex on the first date if that […]
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Woman applying red lipstick
FIRST dates are big, scary and unpredictable. Think job interview, only more personal if you’re rejected for the role. As it’s so intimidating, all that’s left to do is hide in a corner and pretend it’s not going to happen, right? Stop right there. As with all things challenging, taking a few simple but important […]
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woman thinking about whether or not size really matters
I’ve been pondering this since I’d started dating again: does size really matter? Now, I’m not limiting this to just penises, but the whole package. If asked what kind of man I go for, I’d shrug and say I don’t really have a type. So long as our minds connect, I don’t care what you […]
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Fine art photo of a glamour woman
As we approach All Hallow’s Eve and the witching hour, I thought I would reflect upon an ancient concept, one which although archaic, is is still held sacred by some today. Sex Magic (or Magick) however it may be spelled, is the idea that there is a special power attached to the primal sex drive […]
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Man kissing on woman's cheek in bedroom
We’ve all been there, a hot younger man appears and with him an instant smile across your face. Is it just a one-off or should you go younger for good? Compare yourself to this list of signs you’re in fact a cougar and I’ll let you decide…   1. You don’t ‘feel your age’ ‘Age […]
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Toyboy Warehouse - How Toyboy Dating Changed Me
So here it is! The final video in our interview series with Wendy Salisbury, renowned toyboy dater and author So Wendy has let us in on the exciting and varied toyboy dating experiences that she’s had, but in this video we ask ‘how has toyboy dating changed you?’. Wendy lifestyle may be considered ‘outside the […]
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Wendy Salisbury
It’s the seventh episode in our weekly video series with author Wendy Salisbury. In this episode Wendy tells us an exciting story about her daughter, her daughter’s ex and herself. A really saucy tale you can’t miss. We start this story with a set of fortunate circumstances, including a daughter who’s just went off to […]
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