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Toyboy Warehouse - How Toyboy Dating Changed Me

Wendy: “How toyboy dating changed me”

So here it is! The final video in our interview series with Wendy Salisbury, renowned toyboy dater and author

So Wendy has let us in on the exciting and varied toyboy dating experiences that she’s had, but in this video we ask ‘how has toyboy dating changed you?’. Wendy lifestyle may be considered ‘outside the box’, so what kind of reactions does she get from others because of this? Has this reaction changed her?

       “It’s incredibly exciting, you’re kind of on a high when it’s going well.”

However, it wouldn’t be a Wendy video without an exciting story, and don’t worry there’s a great one. It’s the day after Wendy’s birthday and a recent ex-boyfriend turns up on the door, what’s going to happen?



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