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8 Signs You’re Secretly a Cougar

We’ve all been there, a hot younger man appears and with him an instant smile across your face. Is it just a one-off or should you go younger for good? Compare yourself to this list of signs you’re in fact a cougar and I’ll let you decide…


1. You don’t ‘feel your age’

‘Age is just a number’, ‘you’re only as old as you look’, you’ve heard all the cliches but still the truth is you feel about the same as you always have.

2. The thought of an older man makes you feel a bit unwell

Older men of the world – there are people out there who want and like you, it just isn’t this type of woman!


3. You’ve been chatted up by a younger man before

The neighbour, the post-boy, even your best friend’s son, you don’t know it yet, but they certainly do.


4. There’s no sign of you slowing down

High-standards and expectations are just one part of being a cougar, if you’re a master of the juggling act and know you deserve the best, you’ll know that means younger men.


5. Attraction is important to you, but so is compatibility

Sex is important for everyone but younger men are also ambitious, adventurous and interesting. You like brains and beauty, one does not mean compromising on the other!


6. You don’t mind a bit of Ed Sheeran from time to time

He’s scruffy and ginger and still only 24, but somehow that just might be the perfect combination…


7. Watching the Girlfriend’s Guide To Divorce, you knew Abby should be with Will

Well, wouldn’t we all if we could? *Sigh*


8. You’ve been told to ‘date age appropriate’!

It could have been a friend, a TV show, a news article or self-help book, everyone thinks they know what’s right (and what isn’t) for you. But dating men your age you definitely haven’t found it yet.


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