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Ask The Experts: “Will dating a cougar help with my fitness lifestyle?”

Our resident dating expert Gaynor helps us another Toyboy Warehouse member with a cougar dilemma:

I love going to the gym but the young girlfriends I’ve had don’t give me the time to enjoy my hobby, will an older woman?

Jackson, 26,  loves going to the gym, but it’s causing a dating dilemma. His exes never gave him enough space to enjoy his hobby, he’s wondering if branching out into cougar dating will solve his issue. Jackson thought it’d be easy to balance his gym passion and his relationships, but it isn’t going too smoothly. Toyboy and cougar expert Gaynor is here to help young Jackson out.

Older women tend to have a much fuller life, they have careers, children, family, etc. Will this help with Jackson’s problem? Does the lifestyles of older women suit Jackson’s hobby? Watch Gaynor’s video to find out her answer.

Also, make sure to check out Gaynor’s semi-autobiographical novel Sex and The Signposts

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