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Welcome to the first of my column in which I will be looking to share my experiences not only with online dating but in particular dating a man much younger than yourself or indeed a man dating an older woman. So who am I? Like many of the ladies on here, I was married for […]
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Couple saying hello/goodbye
I have been struggling to define the relationships I appear to have acquired over the last few months. Back in October last year, I wrote about friends who have sex with each other. Back then, I was quite clear in my mind what those relationships were. These days, I’m not so sure. One of my […]
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Last Bar Courtyard
Don’t miss another event! Subscribe to Toyboy Warehouse Events Updates       18:00, 31st August, 2016 | The Last Bar, London Sold Out You’re invited to an after work event of sunshine and relaxation. Toyboy Warehouse Events is hosting another fantastic sold out singles’ evening. For those who may prefer a relaxing, chilled atmosphere; our Courtyard Garden Summer Drinks […]
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Want to join Toyboy Warehouse under the covers? This Summer we’re taking a look at the topic of sex. Come with us to find out how British sex lives have changed in recent years. How has age-gap dating affected our love lives? Are we more or less frisky in the bedroom? Take part in the largest age-gap dating survey […]
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Hands writing on old typewriter over wooden background
Okay, hands up, I have been married twice. In my defence both were for considerable lengths of time and both were very faithful partnerships. Unfortunately both ended irreconcilably. So I found myself having to start over again, which was an extremely daunting prospect. I knew I would eventually need to muster the confidence to go […]
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A portrait of a hungry man looking at big hamburger
Are you a sizzling steak or a soggy burger in the bedroom? Once upon a time, the height of quality dining meant enjoying a damn good steak. Steakhouses dotted themselves around our conurbations, both here and across the pond, leaving no man truly a man until he knew his way round a pretty fine rump, […]
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Seamless background of assorted ice cream cones
Someone asked me recently if my sexual preferences were vanilla. My immediate response was a raised eyebrow and slight panic, because for most of my life, this quote from American Beautysummed my attitude: “I don’t think that there’s anything worse than being ordinary.” Vanilla was boring. Vanilla was anathema. What he was really asking was […]
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