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Lockdown Love Survival Guide – Expert: Jessica Jefferson

Tell us about yourself and your work

My name is Jessica Jefferson, I am a licensed marriage and family therapist in the state of Florida. I work with couples who are struggling with communication issues, intimacy and those struggling to find themselves and their relationship amongst everyday stress. I also love working with clients who are experiencing a breakup looking to build up their self-confidence and help them get back into the dating world.

What would you say makes your dating/relationship expertise unique?

My clients love that our work is purely conversation, because that is what makes people feel comfortable enough to talk about things they have been holding onto for so long. After all, I am human. I want to help. 

Our Thoughts

We can all commend those individuals that dedicate their time to improving their wellbeing. Understanding there are issues limiting a positive mental health and working on them is a brave step. However, we do sometime forget, alone we may struggle to combat those demons.

The professional services such as those offered Jessica Jeffersons are invaluable tools in the battle to improve ourselves and our relationships with loved one. Her acute insight of human behaviour, relationships and mental wellbeing make her a perfect expert to help during the strained time of Covid-19.

With so many people struggling to date and start relationships because lockdown induced isolation, what three things would you give to singles during this time? 

The three things I would give to singles during this time are the following:

  1. Why Won’t You Date Me Podcast with Nicole Byer – I personally love this podcast as Nicole Byer goes in deep as to why she is still single. It also helps to navigate your own single hood while also providing relationship tips and dating tips as well. 
  2. Take This Time for You – Now I know that may seem harsh because you want to have a relationship with someone, but honor this time that you aren’t in a relationship. Learn more about you, like what type of love fulfills you, what you want for yourself, the type of person you want, what your needs are in a relationship, what you love to do for yourself and when you are in a relationship (hobby and activity wise), etc. Learn more about you so that when you have a relationship, it isn’t too late to be searching for the answers. 
  3. Journaling – Get your feelings out if you aren’t already seeking therapy. Journaling can help you think more about what you want for yourself and for a future relationship. 
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