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35 Over 35: Introducing Jackie Omotalade

For anyone thinking social media influencers are a young woman’s game, think again. Toyboy Warehouse have compiled 35 of the most exciting social media stars to watch out for – all aged over 35.

Today we’re please to introduce Jackie Omotalade

Tell us about yourself and your work?

Hi all,  my name is Jackie Omotalade and I’m a single mom who slow travels around the world full-time with my toddler daughter.  I’m a serial entrepreneur with multiple businesses but my fav is where I teach and inspire Black women to move abroad and/or travel full-time.  

Social influencing is usually seen as a young person’s game, what challenges do you face building a social media following?

Women only get better with age and that is ESPECIALLY true in business.  Social influencing is a business and key to any business is knowing your target market.  I know mine well which is why it is so easy to connect with them via social media.  I have a unique story to tell and advice to offer women who are yearning for a life of travel and adventure and willing to shift their mindset in order to make their dreams come true.  I genuinely love having conversations via social media which helps me connect on deeper levels with my audience.

Do you have any advice for women aged 35+ who are thinking of becoming a social media influencer?

You have such a wealth of knowledge and experience that the world desperately needs, so just get out there and do you.  That’s all. Be your authentic self and the right people will be drawn to you.

Our Thoughts

The lives of social media influencers can sometimes feel unattainable, especially when they’re jet-setting across the world. Enter Jackie Omotalade, your guide on exactly how to bag yourself life experiences you never thought possible.

Jackie holds an inspiring mission, helping black women to realise their dreams. If you’re in need of some fuel to your ambition, be sure to check out Jackie – one of our 35 Over 35 social media stars.

Do you have projects coming soon we should keep an eye out for?

I have a brand new course launching at the end of October and I will be a co-host on a new show called A Seat at the Table streaming on most streaming services.

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