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Lockdown Love Survival Guide – Expert: Ermo Egberts

Tell us about yourself and your work

Twenty years ago I was a small-town boy growing up in a small community in rural Zieuwent – The Netherlands.
Nine years ago, I lost my Dad and everything I knew right as I became the first to graduate college.
Eight years ago, I found myself leaving everything behind for a new life and started to travel the world where  I could be “normal.” Six years ago I realized normal was the most disappointing thing that ever happened to me.
Five years ago I quit my job in media and pursued my dreams as a visual storyteller.
Four years ago, I built a coaching business doing what I love using nothing more than the Internet and my voice.

And now, today, I’m the founder of Ermo Coaching co. that helps other men find their voice and teaches them to use it to build whatever the f*ck they want to. With my new book coming out The Art of Sexual Transmutation . I’m proud to be an influence on men and guide them into doing something disobediently brave with their life and their career.  

What would you say makes your dating/relationship expertise unique?

Sexual energy is the most powerful force available for you to use. However, most men unconsciously toss this power away and live in a constant state of depletion. Often addicted to pornography and lacking the willpower and discipline to improve themselves. I’ve been there…  I was getting nowhere in life. Until I learned the art of sex transmutation and becoming an integrated male; that’s when my life transformed. I learned to control my sex drive and put it to use attracting an amazing partner, growing my career, bringing in money, and maintaining radiant health and energy levels.

I teach man to control of your sexual energy, build the willpower and discipline to practice semen retention and see all areas of your life improve as you harness the enormous potential of your sexual energy. IMAGINE having all the energy you need to get clarity in your life, and perform at optimum levels at the office, at the gym, in the bedroom, and out in the world. Imagine how confident you will be when you KNOW you have complete control over your sexual performance and can f**k like a king for hours.

Our Thoughts

Ermo is one of the leading professionals in helping men realise their potential. His expertise and understanding of the limitations men place upon themselves is inspiring.

We highly recommend you check Ermo’s work if you’re an individual wanting to improve your mental wellbeing and life quality.

With so many people struggling to date and start relationships because lockdown induced isolation, what three things would you give to singles during this time? 

The three things I would give to singles during this time are the following:

  1. Stay on your purpose! When you do what you truly love you’ll attract the right partners. 
  2. Be your authentic self! Most probably people will dislike you for this when you start putting boundaries down and have your own opinion but this is the only way to have great experiences in the dating and relationship scene.
  3. I would give as advice that if you can’t figure it out yourself to ask help! Many people have walked the walk and the resources that could help you to become an integrated male. It’s about getting a bird eyes perspective on what is actually not working and what does.
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