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Worst date

My Very Worst Date

In case you’re wondering, MVWD is an acronym for My Very Worst Date; something I’m sure many of you have experienced in varying degrees of horror.

Whilst browsing around the other day, we came across a blog called, yep, you guessed it

Now, we’re not denying this blogger had a bad date, and a very unpleasant experience, but compared to what some of us have endured, it seemed pretty mundane to us…

For the purposes of this article, we will refer to her as B. Her VWD is referred to as S.

So, B meets this guy at a speed dating event and they hit it off. S lives in B’s town (with his landlady and her kids), so being all nice and convenient, it results in a second date.

They arrange to meet somewhere central, where there’s lots to do, and as one idea after another falls through, they decide to see the local attraction du jour, which is a big mechanised dragon that breathes real fire. Toasty!

Anyhow, mid dragon watching, S suddenly grabs for B’s boob in a full on cupping and – not surprisingly – freaks her out. From this point on, and after extricating his suction pad, she resolves to also extricate herself and cut her losses. At 9:30 pm, B calls on that old favourite, having to get up early in the morning, and they thus part ways.

B keeps up her resolve not to see him again, yet in spite of this, S tries to contact her on a dating site she occasionally frequents.

Naturally, she doesn’t respond.

So, a few weeks down the line, whilst browsing Facebook, she sees a comment on a friend’s page from someone suspiciously like him. Curious, she clicks into his profile, only to see, a little way down, a post from his wife declaring undying love!

B’s date with S was in July; his marriage was in June!

Now, our question to you would be: What has been your VWD?
Our next question would be: Care to share?

If so, why not start up a forum thread on the subject? Then we can compare notes, and end up feeling less alone, and a heck of a lot better about ourselves…

Just a thought.

The Team @ TBW

P.S. Kudos for anyone who can guess which film the image we’ve used for this item comes from. Now that’s a bad date!

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