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Getting Freaky: The 5 Oddest Fetishes

There’s different strokes for different folks, and some folks like strokes that other folks see as jokes.

We all know what turns us on personally, but sharing what turns us on with someone else can be very intimidating. Letting people in to a personal part of ourselves can be scary, what if they don’t like what turns you on? What if they are disgusted by what turns you on? What if they think you’re a freak?


The answer to those questions is simply: So what?


What happens in the bedroom stays in the bedroom, and judging anyone by their sexual preferences is as outdated as judging anyone by their sex. As long as it doesn’t hurt anyone (unless sadomasochism is your thing), we should feel free to explore and share our sexualities with partners we are close to.


Here are five ‘freaky’ fetishes examples:


5. Podophilia – Arousal to feet

It’s a moot point that we find our partners bodies attractive, but sometimes sexual attraction can be focused on areas other than those concealed by underwear. Foot fetishists seem fairly common these days, and fairly innocent compared to other philias, the only risk being of ruining a pedicure. But even if your partner is attracted to your feet, it doesn’t mean you should walk all over them. Unless they ask first.

4. Exhibitionism – Arousal to exposure

Public displays of affection can only go so far before getting arrested, and for some that’s part of the fun. Doing it in a public place is perhaps one of the most common fantasies of couples, and perhaps the most achievable. The back seat of the car, an air plane cubicle, the back row of an empty cinema, anywhere that’s out of the bedroom and adds the element of ‘will we get caught?’ can count as exhibitionism. Though do try not to get caught with your pants down.

There are hundreds of ways that people get their freak on, but that doesn’t necessarily mean all those people are freaks. Discovering something new about our partner’s sexuality can be a shock, but the fact they are sharing it means they feel close enough to you to be open. If their way of getting their freak on is just too freaky for you, it’s best to let them down gently than freak out.


3. Knismolagnia – Arousal to being tickled

Did you know you can’t tickle yourself? Try it. It didn’t work did it? This is probably because our brains are controlling the tickling motion of our fingers and are expecting it on whichever body part we try tickling. On someone else however, tickling can cause paroxysms of laughter and the flailing of limbs. Although the antithesis of S&M, safety words should still be used before breaking out the feathers.


2. Sadomasochism – Arousal to inflicting or receiving pain or humiliation

For when a spanking just can’t suffice, there is S&M. There are many different ways to enjoy S&M, whips, gags, candle wax, what have you, but everyone has a threshold that has to be respected. Before surprising your partner with your newly furnished red room, make sure you both have safety words.


1. Ursusagalmatophilia – Arousal to anthropomorphizing animals

This tongue twisting fetish is basically dressing up in an animal costume, like Disney World but after dark. The ‘furry’ fenomenon is becoming quite popular, and instead of revealing lingerie, furries are buying their partners completely concealing dog costumes, giving a whole new meaning to the term doggy style.

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