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I love being single

23 Things That Are Great About Being Single…


We all know it’s great to be in love. Nothing beats that anxious/excited feeling of general nausea coupled with an inability to eat your favourite foods and a constant fear of how good you look today. Sounds great right?  single according to Toyboy Warehouse!

No. 1 You can do what you want, with who you want, when you want. Simple.

No. 2 No dramas. Unless you create them.

No.3 Freedom.

No. 4 You’re richer on Valentine’s Day.

No. 5 You can keep the toilet seat down. Or up.

No. 6 You don’t have to answer to anyone, except yourself.

No. 7 There’s no broken heart to deal with.

No. 8 You can go on as many dates as you feel like.

No. 9 

No. 10 You get the whole bed. Starfish anyone?

No. 11 The frisson in the possibility of a new relationship.

No. 13 Your money is your own.

No. 14
You have the ability to focus on “you” and your goals.

No. 15 Never having to explain yourself (to anyone, except maybe your mother.)

No. 16 You can hang out with your friends without worrying.

No. 17 You spend less at Christmas.

No. 18 The food bill is cut in half.

No. 19 You’re allowed to have a headache, and sleep it off.

No. 20 You don’t have to fake a headache.

No. 21 You don’t have to fake an orgasm.

No. 22 You can have fat days/ unshaven days, and no one around to criticise.

No. 23 You can take off whenever you want. Unless you have a pet.

We’re sure the list is pretty long, but we’re stopping here.

What do you like best about being single?

The Team @ TBW

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