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Sexy Foods For a Great Date

They say the way to a man’s heart is through his stomach, but who doesn’t appreciate the taste bud stimulation caused by mouth-wateringly good food? The wrong type of food can leave you bloated and not feeling sexy, or worse – gassy. Don’t get caught out, if you aim to get anywhere near your date’s body know what you’re putting in yours.

Great date foods:

Antipasto – a traditional Italian starter like this is cultured, sociable food intended for sharing. You may have only just met but don’t be afraid to split a dish intended for two just like this one. The increased intimacy of this dish will show you how your dynamic works and prevent anyone from hiding behind their dinner . You can look generous by offering them the last breadstick and it will sounds sexy when you order it, how can you lose?

Oysters – this classic is known the world round for its properties as an aphrodisiac and for good reason. There are also the added benefit that they are both sophisticated and expensive, and you need to aim to impress if you intend to make it far with an older woman. A woman who orders oysters is also showing a man exactly what she wants, and what is sexier than that?

Salmon wellington – this looks amazing and the good news is it’s actually pretty simple to make if you’re planning to cook (don’t worry, we won’t tell). Fish is brain food and intellectual stimulation is just what you need right now to keep conversation interesting and provocative. What’s more, salmon is diet friendly, so no need to feel guilty.

Chocolate pudding – it’s bubbly, overflowing, hot and inviting. It also contains ingredients so deeply pleasure-inducing they are in fact similar to the ones found in ecstasy, morphine and marijuana. Most will already know the sensory bliss and contentment to be had from desserts like this, but if you aren’t already a fan, the less chocolate you are used to eating it, the more heightened the effect.

Always avoid:

Garlic – it seems obvious, but an excess of garlic is going to make certain you don’t end the evening with a goodnight kiss. Yes that side of garlic bread may be the classic accompaniment to your lasagne, but proceed at your own dating peril.  Apply the same logic to each food that you know makes a less than sexy smell i.e. blue cheese, onion rings, and smelly curries.

Beer – so you enjoy a pint, everyone does. But all that extra gas is going to get straight to your belly and will have you belching late into the night. What’s more, bloating doesn’t feel very sexy, so try something more sophisticated and choose a glass of wine with your dinner.

Broccoli – nothing green is ever bad for you right? Actually, it turns out broccoli might not be doing your health any harm but it certainly isn’t going to improve your game with the opposite sex. Lay off certain vegetables and legumes like broccoli which often cause flatulence, along with artichokes, asparagus, green peppers and peas because they all contain raffinose, a sugar that leads to flatulence. You might want to start writing these down…

Chewing gum – if you need something to freshen your breath, try a soft mint because chewing gum will make you gassier. Though it is not a carbonated substance like beer is, the air you swallow while you chew the gum around in your mouth can have the same effect. Plus chewing is not a very attractive look. You will find that eating your food too fast does the same.

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