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Don’t let being single lose your jingle!

Are you worried that “it’ll be lonely this Christmas”? Don’t let Jingle Bells mean ‘single hell’; five tips to make the most of the festive season.


1) You can do what you want. The festive season can often mean compromising; whose relatives do you visit, which parties do you attend, who are you obliged to buy gifts for? Being single means you don’t have to visit a crazy aunt who you’re not (thankfully) related to.

2)You can flirt with whoever you choose. Let’s face it; mistletoe was made for flirty singles. Had your eye on someone all year? What better excuse do you need to pucker up and make your feelings known? Plus, you have the easiest conversation-starter in the world; ‘So, have you finished your Christmas shopping yet?’

3) You can say yes more easily. Last minute drinks? A party, a dinner, a dance? No need to check if your partner is free; you can take up any and every opportunity to socialise which comes your way.

4) You can say no more easily, too.In dire need of a long hot soak or a decent FIFA session? You can graciously decline and put yourself first.

If someone tries to match-make you with someone your own age (and you much prefer a toyboy or a cougar), remember that they mean well. Why not try, “It’s lovely of you to think of me. But I’m choosing something else for myself. Thank you.”

5) You don’t have yet another person to shop for. Christmas shopping can be tricky; the crowds, the decisions, the risk of disappointing the receiver .. not to mention the expense. Who needs more stress?

Just started dating someone and not sure if you’re exchanging gifts? Why not mention how creative your friends have been with their Secret Santa £5 gifts? Challenge your date to beat your sub-£5 shopping skills…


And finally…

It’s OK to feel lonely over the festive season. Everyone feels lonely at some point at this time of year. Seeing happy couples or families, looking back over the year or recalling those no longer in our lives, can leave us feeling blue.

Take heart in the knowledge that you’re not alone. Give yourself permission to feel what you feel. Oddly, as soon as you do that, you’ll often find that it lifts. As the saying goes; what you resist, persists.


Have a very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!

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