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Trendsetters and Trend-followers

Some people really relish a challenge, don’t they? It’s vitally important to them how others see them and to be bang on-trend. They have to have the latest gadget, music, slang style of speaking, accessory, pet, baby or partner. Whatever the latest ‘A-Z-list’ celebrities do, that’s what they’ll copy. They are like, really sick totes emosh amazeballs!

You know what? I have a deep suspicion that many members of ToyBoy Warehouse are among the super-stylish elite of trend-setters. Why else would anybody actually pay money in these austerity-ridden times to buck deeply held traditional attitudes by actively seeking an older woman-younger man scenario? Surely this is just the latest fashionable lifestyle choice, here today and moving on to the next big thing tomorrow? It can’t be something anyone would do for sincere reasons, can it?

So how do you join the new leaders of this stylish foray into the combination of older lady and younger man and make a real impact? Well, the answer is Compound Trending, a bit like compound investing in the financial sense. This seems to be where you maximise your initial investment and savings by accumulating interest and never taking money out of the pot. For maximum effect going forward, also ensure you ‘verb’ a noun or an adjective and make up a new word! We all know that actionising and reactionising are crucial to the paradigmutational shift of successfulisation in maximal societal impaction, don’t we?

Well, I have some advice for you serious followers of fashion. Don’t get left behind the curve, actionise today! Try something new. Join an exclusive, niche dating site, which caters for this elite group of leaders and will leave the others trailing in your wake. In addition to your over-the-top behaviour and dress code which makes waves, this will help you stand out from the boring norm.

If you want really exciting reactionisation, there are very easy ways to multiply the shock-and-awe factor. Go for a really startling age difference, where she is older than his great-grandmother. Then deliberately pick a partner from a different ethnic group; not speaking a word of the same language is the ultimate impressive. Try forming a couple where the woman is vastly taller or wider -or both- than the man. To be totes unforgettable and for maximal societal impaction, combine all those factors. Finally, to become an undisputed heavyweight trending champion, try majorly snogging in a very crowded place! And there you have it: you’re a super-slick style icon. Others are sure to follow your example, with unquestioning adoration. Compound Trending: Simples!

Taking my tongue out of my cheek though and most importantly of all, most of us, whatever the age difference, simply want to find someone we fancy, who fancies us back and whose company we enjoy… and to be happy together!

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