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Toyboy and cougar dating a Toyboy Warehouse

10 Signs You’re Dating a Toyboy


  1. Men your own age cease to exist – simply put, the older man has no chance with you! Spoilt by the attention of your toyboy lover, you have no desire to return to the world of wrinkled old guys lacking in both fun and virility.
  2. You actually stick to your diet plan – yes, ladies, the scales begin to lose their intimidation factor as you now willingly focus on your diet and stick to it rigidly. You now have a reason to banish those carbs!
  3. Exercise becomes fun – you eat right and you get plenty of bedroom workouts, but now you have a smile on your face and a spring in your step whenever you go to the gym. Hell, even to willingly going to the gym is a major sign that you’re happy again!
  4. You throw out all of your old clothes – who wants to look like a dowdy mum? Or worse still, an old bag lady? All of those clothes that you used to think were trendy are now in black bags waiting the binmen’s morning call.
  5. You now shop for clothes anywhere but M&S – be gone the dreariness of Marks n’ Sparks and the depressing floral barrage that was Principles…now you get your garb in the brightest, statement colours and from wherever you like!
  6. Hair appointments are actually about hair – gone are the days when a visit to get your hair done was the only chance that you had for any form of social communication. Now it is a chance to brag and you find that other women are hanging onto your every word when you’re talking about your new beau. And the hair style is everything so don’t be surprised if you now find yourself experimenting with your look and the best stylists (they’ll even respect you more for this, by the way!).
  7. Toys are no longer taboo – your lust for your younger man could mean the days spent without him may drag a little. But that’s okay as your new best friends will fill the gap, so to speak…
  8. 10:00pm is going out time, not bedtime – you’ll find yourself hitting the town later and staying out longer. Sleep is an inconvenience as you strive to squeeze every bit of joy out of nights out (and in!).
  9. Classic FM and Radio 2 are dead to you now – only the latest tunes can arouse you now and a return to Radio 1 and the local pop stations are all you need to get you pumped for your day. You’ll know exactly who Pharrell and Will I Am are, and probably have all of their back catalogue on the latest iPod by now.
  10. You live your life, and not that of your friends Now you’ve got the courage to go after what you want, and a whole playground of possibilities at Toyboy Warehouse, your days of living by proxy are over with a capital O! They’ll probably be jealous of your success in the dating game as they plod through the monotony of traditional sites…but now you’re a “cougar”, you couldn’t care one little bit, could you?


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