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Aphrodisiacs: 5 Love Foods

We found this great piece on aphrodisiacs from Susannah Chen, written for YumSugar, and this being a site all about love, decided to share it!

A sexy dinner date should have one mission: to make the two of you swoon. We’ve offered the lowdown on healthy foods that’ll stimulate sex drives — but what foods do chefs put on the menu to help you get in the mood?

To find out, we turned to David Bazirgan, who’s no stranger to sexy meals. As the executive chef at San Francisco’s Fifth Floor Restaurant, he helps to set the standard for the city’s relaxed fine dining atmosphere. To check out some of the ingredients that he elects to use on his Valentine’s Day menus, and to hear what he calls the most “underrated” aphrodisiac, read more.

1. Oysters, obviously. “I can eat so many; they have a great mouth feel,” Bazirgan raves. His favourite? East Coast oysters for their briny taste.

2. Foie gras. The chef loves both seared or terrine of foie gras: “It’s silky, rich, full of flavour, and gets my motor turning.”

3. Coffee. The stuff “gets me so fired up — but only in small doses is it truly effective,” Bazirgan explains.

4. Figs. “All day long!” he exclaims of the sensual fruit. “When they’re in season, I have them all over the menu. I love when they ooze their natural sugars.”

5. Uni. “Sea urchin is an underrated, beautiful ingredient of the sea,” the Fifth Floor chef declares. “They are actually ovaries and not eggs. Uni’s sure to get the blood pumping!”

To those making a sexy meal tonight: Which romance-inducing ingredients will be front and centre on your menu?

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