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Older woman dating

Love in Springtime

Where I live, it’s really lovely to see sunshine, flowers in bloom or bud, and birds courting and nesting. New growth and new life is on the way: it’s an exciting time. Yes, the first signs of spring have arrived and I’m really enjoying watching them this year.

So, is it also time for a new lease of life, with less of the same old boring routine and more hope of constructive change? For singles, is it the season for a new type of dating? Thoughts at this season easily turn to finding new love and romance, but also… maybe… to trying new things and changing routines which aren’t working. This might include discarding unhelpful checklists or claustrophobic rules about who can or can’t be a love match.

One modern way of doing this is to increase the range of compatible partners by relaxing pre-set ideas about age. Contrary to traditional views, older women and younger men can be highly compatible. For very young people, a gap of two years can be a chasm. For some older singles, a difference of thirty years or more can seem like a year. It all depends on the individuals involved and what they want.

As with any other dating, finding a compatible partner depends on the interplay of some very complex issues. What kinds of relationships are being sought? Personal values, philosophies, experiences and common backgrounds may be crucial. Life priorities, expectations, interests and activities may also play a part. Finally, of course, that elusive sexual chemistry underpins everything! While some in this community are totally committed to the incredible lifestyle choice, others wouldn’t rule out any prospective new love based on age alone. I put myself in this latter group, but most of the men I meet where there is a mutual attraction do happen to be younger than I am!

For singles reading this and hoping for change, a spring-time leap into the dating world of younger man with older woman might be the solution to romantic dilemmas! It certainly increases the numbers of prospective partners in a wonderful way. Whether the goal is no-strings flings; sweet, short love affairs or a soul mate for life, have a go and see what happens.

After all, it’s springtime and the season for change!

Trust the years 

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