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Help: I’m in love with a cougar

I’m in love… with an older woman and I want to impress my lady and I want to make her forget about age – how?”

“Being in a cougar relationship with a younger man, this is what worked for me…

He was very mature for his age he was level headed,and could carry on a conversation like an older person, he was 19 I was 29,and the way he carried himself and the respect he had for me and he was a complete gentleman opening doors, pulling chairs out, he was just really sweet and I fell head over heels for him. We have been together now for almost 7 years, I am still so much in love with him we have a four year old daughter together now. All the two of you need to do is put your happiness first and not worry about other people and what they think about the two of you.

Be yourself. Good Luck.”

From Yahoo Answers.

1.    Tell it straight. When impressing an older woman who has been around, keep in mind that she’s been wooed before. Older women regard honesty as a rare and precious commodity, so be straight with her from the start. Tell her what you want and earn brownie points as you go.

2.    Flattery works in small doses. Too much charm and gratitude is a turn off when you’re trying to impress an older woman who’s been around. Keep the honey in the cupboard and take out the spice. Compliments are appreciated by all women but the older gals have no desire to be smothered in a sweet, sticky sauce.

3.    Forget using lines. Impressing an older woman who’s been around means leaving the pick up lines at home. Lines are useful only in rare situations – like when you are laughing at yourself. Older women have heard it all and you’ll look like an amateur if you use a line on her.

4.    Let her teach you. If it’s your first time with an older woman who has been around, relax. She probably loves younger men or you wouldn’t be with her. Let her teach you a few tricks, too.

5.    Act natural. You may be afraid that you have nothing to offer an older woman who’s been around, but that’s not necessarily true. While she’s lived a full life, you still have the advantage of showing her the world through your eyes.

By Laura Townshend

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