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Hung like a horse? Does size matter?

Tackling the age old question of size versus performance is always a bit of a minefield. As a woman I can only speak from the perspective of being on the receiving end and as their appendage is a man’s pride and joy you have to bear in mind that any criticism will really get them where it hurts.


Being ‘hung like a horse’  does have distinct advantages because quite simply the question of size is one you don’t ever have to ask yourself. You can proudly wander about naked in the showers tackle out! I have often wondered whether that is what happens in the men’s changing room at my local gym.  There is no shortage of naked bodies of all shapes and sizes in the ladies one. You are besieged on all sides with boobs and bums with no sign of embarrassment. I just have this vision of men scuttling about hiding their bits under a very large towel. But not of course if your middle name is Shergar!!


So from a woman’s point of view do you get a better deal with a Big Boy ?. The moment of unveiling is always a jaw dropping moment. You have no idea what you are going find and they certainly do come in all shapes and sizes! There really is no way of judging it. I have heard all the old wives tales..big feet means big d** can tell by the hands .But the truth is the size of a man is no yardstick for the size of his sausage. It matters not how tall, short, fat or thin he is, it will always be the one that you least expect that has your eyes watering in anticipation.


So on the plus side a well-endowed man will be more confident in the bedroom and will be able to reach parts of you that you didn’t know existed. On the down side you may have to choose your positions carefully. With someone wielding a larger than average manhood there is one position that has to be taken very slowly. Yes ladies you know the one ..woof!woof!   You may need to reach for the K.Y. Jelly  and you will definitely get jaw ache if you kiss the beast :). So it’s not all plain sha***ng…I mean sailing when it comes to Mr.Big!


There is a lot to be said for Mr Average he can be consumed with gay abandon from every conceivable angle and you won’t suffer from lock jaw or the embarrassment of walking like John Wayne the next day.


As for Mr Smaller Than…you usually find that he can do things with his hands and tongue to rival any sex toy you can find in the Ann Summer’s shop even if you use them all at once!. On the subject of sex -toys they are always a good thing to keep in reserve should you need to bring them into play and adds just that bit more excitement!.


But at the end of the day it comes down to how you feel about the naked man lying next to you. If there is chemistry combined with meeting of the minds and a genuine bond then sex becomes more about feelings than his physical attributes. That is what makes the experience special.


Impulse sex on the other hand, maybe with someone you have just met will be a frenzied frantic experience. You will be caught up in the head rush that comes with exploring each other’s bodies for the first time. It will be carried on a massive wave of sexual chemistry big enough to rival a tsunami! Trust me you will not give a damn about how big his equipment is!


So to conclude does size really matter ? My answer is.. Only if you let it! Hope you will excuse me I’m off find my ruler 🙂


Cougar dating expert Gaynor Evans is also the author of Sex and the Signposts available on Amazon!

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