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The joy of dating younger men

In Praise of Dating Younger Men

We’ve featured a few articles in the past about the positive characteristics of dating a cougar, both in terms of her allure and why she will make the best date companion. For this reason, we thought it was about time that we put together something extolling the benefits of dating a younger guy. This is what Toyboy Warehouse came up with…

  • Youth: When I say youth, I refer more to the youthful spirit of younger guys than their youth in years. Not all older men of course, but lots can be jaded, bitter, tired, settled. The women that are attracted to younger men are normally young souls inside and the negative aspects of older men do not appeal, as they are unable to relate.
  • Open. Younger men are more open than their older counterparts. They’re willing to talk more, explore more, have sex more, laugh more, play more. They’re looking for new experiences, just like older women are and that makes for a powerful and exciting combination.
  • Unassuming¬†Younger men haven’t formed as many assumptions about life and are open to new ideas and discussions. The world is still fresh to them and that means that they’re more of a joy to be around.
  • Nice. Younger men can be nicer than older ones, nicer to women, nicer to others around them. They’ve not learned the level of cynicism often prevalent in older men. This goes well with the general niceness in older women, who, because they’re women, have an inherent nurturing quality that makes them naturally more empathetic and conscientious.
  • Grateful. Younger men are generally more grateful than older ones. They’re more thankful for the good things that come their way, or little things; they take pleasure in the more simplistic, enthusiastically. This is like a balm to an older woman.
  • Earnest. They’re more sincere in their general approach to everything, and when compared to older men this is very refreshing.
  • Ravishing. Not only do all the benefits above render younger men ravishing, they’re also far better at ravishing their older partners than an older man would be.
  • Mature. A younger guy is often far more mature than an older man, and that’s a great benefit when dating an older mature woman. Although many older women are young at heart and in spirit, because they’re women and because of the responsibilities many of them have, maturity in a younger man makes for greater conversation and greater connection.
  • Engaging. By engaging, we mean that younger men are not only more captivating, but they engage more with everything around them. Especially their older partners.
  • No-nonsense. A younger man tends to have more of a no-nonsense approach than an older one. They generally say what they mean and are more trustworthy because of it and that is certainly something that an older woman values!

Now it’s no longer a secret, there are lots of great qualities that women value in younger men and it’s a lot more than skin-deep.

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