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Intimate couple
We thought, here at TBW HQ, that we’d post a link to a wonderful tumblr photo blog (phlog?) on Intimacy in which people have uploaded photos which in some way represent intimacy to them. There’s an enormous variety from heterosexual couples to same-sex couples to two neolithic skeletons embracing, which were found near Mantua, Romeo’s […]
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Wendy Salisbury
I know which I’d prefer…   On what is probably the most stressful morning of the year for most women, I am still tucked up beneath the duvet enjoying a delicious breakfast with a day of tranquillity stretched out ahead of me.  Deep pleasurable sigh…   After an intensely busy and draining couple of months, […]
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Graph to show statistics around break ups
Did you know that the most likely day of the year to be broken up with is the first Monday in December? Perhaps some combination of seasonal affect disorder and a case of the Mondays has warped the idea of you meeting their family over the holidays into something horrid. Consequently, Christmas Day is the […]
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When you think about it, putting your lips onto someone else’s lips and moving them around is an odd thing to do, but, when you do it right, it can be a wonderful experience. Here are some crucial steps to help you hone your technique: 1. You will need: a) a pair of lips, b) […]
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Kate Trevett
Are you feeling frustrated with your relationships? Do you want a loving partner but seem to be unsuccessful in reaching your goal? Do you feel you are destined to be the one who is always single?   If you are choosing men who are inappropriate and don’t have the capacity for a relationship, you may […]
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Bastian Dash
You know, there’s this really unassuming guy who must work near my building. We crisscross every day on the pavement and have done for ages; although not so much as an acknowledging nod has ever passed between us. Imagine my surprise then when he walked into a west end bar I happened to frequenting with […]
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Mary Stanley
I met Mary Stanley, who is a best selling Irish author on a radio show, and wanted to interview her as I love her story and the way she tells it – when you read it, imagine her mellifluous Irish accent. JM, TBW founder MS: I was married for 25 years, actually together with my […]
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‘Younger men are queuing up for a cougar to love’ says today’s Independent on Sunday (22.8.10) but the middle-aged American man, Rich Gosse, who has apparently spent 15 years ‘championing older women’ still falls into the age-old, male-dominated society mindset of concluding that women ‘prefer older men’. Well… maybe he thinks that because he’s middle […]
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Holiday romance
Just got back from a long weekend in Mallorca.  My knees ache from dancing until 5 am every night, I am sunburnt through what’s left of my St. Tropez. and I’m feeling a little bit like the cat that ate the cream… I went out there for a long weekend with one of my dearest friends.  […]
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