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Wendy Salisbury

Bah Humbug or Bah Bados?

I know which I’d prefer…


On what is probably the most stressful morning of the year for most women, I am still tucked up beneath the duvet enjoying a delicious breakfast with a day of tranquillity stretched out ahead of me.  Deep pleasurable sigh…


After an intensely busy and draining couple of months, I have finally managed – this Christmas Day – to achieve the promised Peace on Earth or at least on the little Piece of Earth where I reside.


With two daughters, two sons-in-law and five grandchildren taking it in turns to be ill all winter, it’s been an angst-y time all round rushing across town with vats of healing chicken soup trying not to take their germs back home with me.


Add the task of emptying out two homes which have been in the family for five generations, and you’ll have an idea why I’ve been off the radar for a while.


The physically and emotionally draining job of clearing out the flat in which I grew up is something I’ll be glad to put behind me.  Having recently sorted out and redecorated my own living-room, I now find it re-cluttered with stuff I don’t want but simply cannot get rid of.  A lesson to us all: keep your possessions to a minimum so those whose job it will be to tidy up after you don’t lose control of their lives doing so!


Yet how do you throw away love letters between your parents dated 1942?  Birthday cards and telegrams sent to me when I was a tiny tot? My father’s call-up papers into the Argentine army and discharge papers with commendation ribbons when he left the Merchant Navy?  My Russian great grandparents naturalization papers dated 1910 signed with a X as they clearly couldn’t write … and the photos – oh the photos…who were all those forbidding-looking ancestors with frozen faces?  Didn’t anyone smile for the camera in those days?


Add the filthy weather into the mix and instead of welcoming snow in future, we shall dread it forevermore!  My poor sister who lives in Spain tried to get home several times last week and ended up making a dawn dash from London to Gatwick, back to Victoria, then to Euston and eventually to Manchester where she finally caught a flight to Malaga after her London departure had been cancelled for the 3rd time. What a trooper!


As for me, not a word of writing has passed my fingers these past 2 months but as from today, I’m determined to remedy this.  My New Year Resolution comes a little early but I WILL finish editing my 2nd novel during January and I WILL resume blogging.


I’m off to Switzerland tomorrow for a well-earned rest. I may not have the energy to ski but I can always ‘après’.  Either way, I’ll recharge my batteries and come back fighting fit, I hope.


SEASON’S GREETINGS to you all and a stupendous 2011, guys. Be good to yourselves or better still, find someone else to do it for you!


By Wendy Salisbury, aka Poshbird

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