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Ask The Experts: The Secret To Finding The Real Thing

Toyboy Warehouse member and dating expert Gaynor Evans recently answered another of your dating queries in her brand new blog:

How do I find a partner that’s in it for the long-term…?


Craig (name changed for privacy), 31, asked: “I’m not interested in hook-ups, I’d like to find a more serious relationship with a woman from the website. How can I make sure that the women I’m talking to are interesting in something long-term?”


Gaynor’s response:


This one’s easy, a lot of women want long-term relationships. Just follow my advice…

1. Make it clear you’re looking for a relationship, you’ll be snapped up!

2. Bear in mind that it all depends on your age gap and your personalities.

3. Do Not flag it up immediately, don’t be too extreme.

4. Instead, engage them in conversation, let them know you’re interested.

5. Take each relationship on its merit, short term can be good too you know!

6. Be optimistic! You’re a rare kind of guy, Craig.

You can have your dating and relationship questions answered by Gaynor or another Toyboy Warehouse Expert by emailing in to [email protected]. Names will be hidden to protect your privacy.

Don’t forget to check out Gaynor’s semi-autobiographical novel Sex and The Signposts

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