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Ask The Experts: How to feel sexy in front of a new lover [video]

Toyboy Warehouse member and dating expert Gaynor Evans recently answered one of your dating queries in her brand new vlog:

Feeling sexy in front of a new lover… 


Janet (name changed for privacy), 42, asked: “My body confidence has suffered ever since the birth of my first daughter, years ago. I’m scared to show my body off to men. What can I do to feel confident when I’m naked in front of someone new?”

Gaynor’s response:

Don’t get yourself into a state of worry, simply focus on 6 areas of advice…

  1. He won’t see the things that you do, lumps and bumps are most visible to yourself
  2. Just as you are nervous, remember he could be anxious about things like the fact that you have more experience too.
  3. Look good and you’ll feel good, get your nails done and pick out your favourite perfume
  4. Consider wearing sexy underwear, to keep you feeling attractive and confident when your dress comes off
  5. Set the ambiance, a little low lighting can help you feel more uninhibited
  6. Be yourself – remember to have fun!

You can have your dating and relationship questions answered by Gaynor or another Toyboy Warehouse Expert by emailing in to [email protected]. Names will be hidden to protect your privacy.

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