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Ask The Experts: I’m 25 and Still a Virgin

Toyboy Warehouse expert Gaynor provides another insightful and revealing response to your dating queries:

I’m still a virgin, how do I tell my first older partner?

James (name changed for privacy) is 25 and from Surrey, he asked: “I’m 25 and I’ve never had sex. I’m scared if I tell someone new, she will laugh at me or find it unappealing. Is this something that puts older women off a lot?”

Gaynor’s response:

It’s great to give your first time some forethought as a good first experience will stay with you.

Here’s what to do:

1. Make it clear to the older woman

2. An older woman may handle this better, she’s had more experience

3.  Ask questions, be sensitive and thoughtful

4. Don’t let fear get to you

5. Do your research – and I don’t mean watching porn, learn about what makes them tick

6. Let things come to their natural conclusion – you’ll soon be one of life’s seasoned travelers so to speak!

You can have your dating and relationship questions answered by Gaynor or another Toyboy Warehouse Expert by emailing in to [email protected]. Names will be hidden to protect your privacy.

Don’t forget to check out Gaynor’s semi-autobiographical novel Sex and The Signposts

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