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9 Sex Tips to Please The Younger Man

Maybe you already have a younger man? Maybe you want one? Or maybe you want sex tips on how to please a younger man, you know, just in case… Whatever your reasons for curiosity, I am sure we can all agree that trying to not only please a partner of any age but also keep things exciting for you will always be a learning curve, even at the best of times. I can say with some authority that most of us young men have short attention spans so pleasing and retaining us can be twice a challenge – assuming you don’t just want a one nightstand.

There is no formula for pleasing a younger man. Nor is there a generic checklist to attracting one – I won’t insult your intelligence my dear reader by pretending there is; just like women, all men are different. But speaking as a nineteen year old male, I have a range of sex tips based on what I know we would respond to. Below are just nine of my tips for having a fun and exciting physical relationship with a younger man. Enjoy!

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1)      Don’t be afraid to educate him.

He may be a virgin. He may be less experienced than you. Or this might be his first time taking part in older women dating. A lot of younger men may not fully know how to please an older woman, some men don’t know how to please a woman at all. If your young man is lacking in any areas don’t be shy of informing him. If he doesn’t know the importance of the clitoris, teach him. As an older woman he may even see you as a teacher of sorts, I implore you to take advantage of this.  Like how in sex tip 1 you investigate his fetishes be sure to tell him yours so he can please you meritoriously. Once he satisfies you effectively make him feel special about doing it as seen in sex tip 2 to motivate him to keep it up.

2)     Learn about his biggest turn on.

Does he like being touched there? Does he like one specific part of sex? And what does he want to do to me? The quickest and most effective way to please a man of any age is to discover what turns him on and then give it to him. Sounds easy enough right? But, alas, when is it ever that simple.

Some men may have reticence to divulge what pushes their buttons; he may feel embarrassed by it, he may feel weak and vulnerable by opening up (especially if it’s your first encounter together) or he may feel emasculated if it’s something a little more out there like crossdressing or regression.

However, once you get a fellow in the throes of passion he will probably stop thinking with his head, so I would recommend asking him about what turns him on when his eyes are shut tight from the sexy kisses you’re giving him or when he’s ready to do anything to keep you from stopping.

It’s worth noting that if you’re having a casual, one-off encounter and you’re able to give him exactly what he wants he will most likely be back more. Alternatively if you’re looking at a long term relationship knowing his biggest turn on can only make you both stronger together and he will be more comfortable with you.

3)      Make him feel special.

Men are just as prone to perpetual insecurity as women, and young men are especially susceptible because they’ve got more to prove! Just how young women are under a constant barrage of self-consciousness inducing advertising and pop culture young men are under a lot of pressure to measure up to a minimum standard of male beauty and also in socio-economic standings. In a long-term relationship a younger man may feel intimidated by a lady who earns more than him or whom is in a superior social position, which of course is extremely likely because an older woman has a head start on the chap.

Remember men have egos – so feed them a little. If you’re with a younger man for the long haul compliment him, as you would wish to be complimented, on how he looks! Reinforce how much you value him, how strong he is, how he’s a good lover. If you as a more experienced partner can make him feel good about making you feel good he’ll have the confidence and the drive to get stuck in (ahem) and maybe even try new unusual things with you.

Tip: Whisper something explicit in his ear in the heat of passion and he will put more energy into finishing the job. Remember, he wants to take you all the way, if not for your pleasure but for his own bragging rights, unless he’s a sadist who likes to see a woman unfulfilled – in which case, get out of there if the feeling isn’t mutual.


4)     Confidence is key

No matter what you see in the mirror, regardless of how insecure you may feel sometimes over your body, he will only see a sexy, mature lady. You may have heard that confidence sets the tone of any function we undertake in our lives and it is true. If you feel confident in yourself you will hold yourself in a more alluring way and be more assertive as a result. Faking confidence (just a little) breeds confidence.

Remember: Confidence is the death of awkwardness and there is nothing more off-putting than nervous sex.

Tip: Our resident age-gap dating specialist Gaynor did a fantastic video on this subject. If you still feel you need a push try some of the sex tips Gaynor mentions in her video.

5)     Be clear about what you want.

Communicate! Talking can solve everything in a relationship. If you want him to do something for you; if you want him to touch or kiss you in a certain way, kiss you in a certain place don’t be afraid to initiate. Men aren’t mind readers!

6)     Don’t try to be anything you’re not

If he’s with you – an older woman – he’s already decided he doesn’t want a carbon copy of every girl in his own age group. Don’t emulate the culture of his age bracket in an attempt to relate to him and allow him to relate to you; and while that means you don’t have to act young, it also means don’t shy away from your body and wish it was 18 again. Act dignified and classy – that’s what he’s after, not twerking or hipless wonders.

7)     Make it easier for yourself with some sexy underwear

An oldie but still a classic. A lacy corset, a complementing bra and pretty knickers – they can only enhance your confidence and give him plenty to keep his hands busy!

8)     Get what you want!

Earlier I mentioned reinforcing ego and telling him he’s doing a good job but I think it’s definitely worth mentioning that you should only feed his ego if he is in fact doing a good job. If he’s not, tell him! Don’t lie unsatisfied while he rolls over with a smug grin content for the night. You aren’t just doing him a favour. Think about your orgasm too.

Sex is one of the most powerful, potent, prominent pleasures known to human kind. If you’re not enjoying it, take steps so that you will. If he doesn’t know how to pleasure you properly, instruct him. You will feel so much more relieved for it. A healthy relationship must have the capability for communication about anything and everything. If you can’t talk to your man about your lack of fulfilment there may be something wrong.

9) Don’t be afraid to try a little role play

There’s nothing wrong with a good role play fantasy! A younger man who has a vested interest in mature dating will almost certainly have fantasies about older women. Drawing on the advice I’ve already given, the most erotic thing a someone can ever do for their partner is recognise their fetishes and fantasies, accepting them and then enacting them to the best of one’s ability. If he has a fantasy about being spanked by a teacher – act it out, if you have a fantasy about being rescued by a sexy young firefighter and his massive hose – act it out. I recommend role plays not only to keep things moving and to discover your partner but so you can discover yourself with your partner.

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