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5 Unforgettable Reasons To Date a Toyboy

I have been asked many times “Why do you date younger men?” and still I find the question incredulous!

After being married twice and sticking to the conventional path like a Stepford Wife,  I found myself

  • alone!
  • single!
  • and fifty!

I was in a very bad place, asking myself over and over, “who would want to date an old second hand bird like me!?”

Enter the “Younger man”: thick of hair, hard of body and with their own teeth and smiling hopefully in my direction.  Thinking at first that they were having a joke at my expense I resisted. But I realised very quickly that they were deadly serious and I was getting older by the minute. So one balmy summer’s evening I succumbed and all the reasons for saying YES to Toyboys became crystal clear. So let me explain why you, too, should date the younger man.:

  1. He looks after his appearance – The younger man looks after himself, dresses well, smells gorgeous and works out! They look just as good out of clothes as in them and have a body confidence that exudes from every pore making them very attractive and exciting.
  2. He gives great… conversation – This is always lively full of plans and ideas. Looking forward and not back (Let’s be honest they haven’t been on the planet long enough to have a murky past!) They are enthusiastic about life and haven’t yet been affected by the downside. They laugh a lot and pause only to tell you how sexy you are! It’s infectious and refreshing.
  3. Affectionate and willing – Once they have gained your interest the younger man will be eager to please and want you to be happy. They are gentle and caring making you feel treasured and cosseted.  There could be a nice foot massage or an offer to cook dinner. Anything you want will be considered. This devotion makes you feel very special!
  4. Attentive yet malleable – Hanging on your every word, telling you how gorgeous you are and going along with whatever you suggest.  You feel totally secure in the knowledge that you are in charge and he will not make demands or have any expectations of what you should do for him.
  5. And – of course – the sex! – I may have left this until last but of course it is always top of my list.. Sex with the younger man is usually and without exception breathtaking, mind-blowing and addictive!. From the seduction to the bedroom, bathroom, kitchen, table, sofa, car, and floor or wherever you let the passion loose you will be setting your sex on fire! Literally. But the best part? Once your passion is spent the chances are it will begin all over again..And again..And again..

There are no guarantees in life and from my experience we are better living in the moment and enjoying life to the full. For me the younger man brings me that joy and reminds me of what’s good about being alive  today, despite my advancing years!

I rest my case!

By Gaynor Evans, TBW member and author of Sex and The Signposts


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