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Top Tips For The Perfect Date Night Outfit

Cheers, all around-it’s date night! Time for your personality to shine, and to make your date see through your clothing that you are the most brilliant woman he has ever laid eyes upon. Let’s take a look at some stylish and fun date outfit ideas, and also talk about what to stay away from.

Things You Should Do

Even if you have the confidence to wear almost everything on your date — you should take time when deciding what suits you the best. We are talking about the basics: what to wear to ensure that you leave a good impression and have a great time, every time!

  • Stick with what makes you happy. You want to be focused on your date, not tugging at your shirt all night.
  • Wear what you know you look great in. Part of being mature is knowing what works for us. Wear what looks cute and feels right.
  • Make sure you consider the location of your date. We would not want your feet to hurt wearing heels to a carnival, neither do we want tennis shoes at the theatre.
  • The basics are king. A black swing dress, jean jacket, black flats, and a simple silver necklace are something women of all shapes, sizes and height can wear with no worries. So, build on the basics – add the flair later.
  • Simple things for a confidence boost. If you want to feel your best on your date, you can always do a few simple things that will help you to boost your confidence — things like a new haircut or fun new accessories that will help you to stand out. And you can always check for some great discounts. Fiorelli has some particularly adorable jewellery, with excellent discount codes, that we cannot wait to rock on our next dates.

What You Should Try to Avoid

  • Dressing “smartly” on the first date. You are a smart lady, but there is no need to dress like you are interviewing for a job. This may leave the impression that you are too serious or that you don’t want to get closer with the other person. Besides, you can save that perfect outfit for an important formal event!
  • Anything you have troubles in. By troubles, we mean anything you are uncomfortable breathing, eating, or walking in. If you bend over and your bum shows, shelve it and try something else. Dates are about fun after all so don’t let anything distract you from enjoying your time.

How to Dress for the Date

Of course, dressing for the date always depends on where you are going. You wouldn’t wear a dress and heels to a football game, and you would not wear ripped dungarees to a fancy dinner. You can try these simple outfit ideas depending on where your date is taking you.

Sports Match: White Jeans & Cute Top

From a sports match to a casual walk in the park, this outfit will make you feel comfortable and look ready for anything. A pair of straight-leg white pants (yeas, white) paired with a simple and long tunic or short sleeve polo shirt is perfect for giving you that fun and sporty look. Just add your favourite flats, and you are ready for your casual date. This outfit will also leave the impression that you are easy going and cheerful person.

Casual Dining: Midi Skirt & Denim Jacket

Your favourite jean jacket for chilly mornings gets a fun twist with this idea. Dress up that piece with a structured skirt and your favourite nude heels. You can even wear this to the office and look put together as you effortlessly go from work to your date.

Fine Dining: Dressy Jumpsuit & Elegant Clutch

Jumpsuits are all the rage right now, and you can rock this look easily. Try a plain black jumpsuit, neutral heels and an upscale clutch by your favourite designer to make your date drool over more than just the meal.

Rock Concert: Feminine Dress & Leather Jacket

Show him you can be cute and tough when you put your favourite dress under a leather jacket. Or, wear your pretty dress with some Doc Martens in black to play up the look. Some bright red lipstick and everyone will know who’s boss.

We can’t wait to hear about how your date went once you get back…but even more exciting is the cute selfies you’re going to be taking all night because of how good you look. 

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