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10 Genius Dating Tips from Relationship Expert Marzena Kubiak (Part 1)

Going a date if you have been single for a while might be stressful. When my five year-long relationship finished and I went on my first date after it, I was nervous and scared. I also lacked confidence in myself and I completely forgot how to flirt. I was very conscious of what this new guy would think of me, I was conscious about my behaviour and worried if he was going to like me and find me attractive. Suddenly, all the inferiority complexes kicked in again.

I have written some dating tips for you and I hope they will help you to go on your date relaxed and prepared. All of them have been tried and tested by myself.

Tip#1 Date when you feel ready


If you have just ended a relationship, give yourself time to recover! Get back on your feet and date only when you feel the moment is right. Try not to be pressurised by your friends and family telling you to go out or trying to introduce you to their friends. You need to be over your ex completely before you can open your heart to someone new. I’ve been there, it took me nearly nine months before I was ready to go on a date. Remember, each of us is different, you may need a week or a year. Allow yourself this time to value yourself and understand who you are.

Tip#2 Be yourself


I think it is important that you don’t pretend to be someone you aren’t. You should not be ashamed of what you do and who you are. For example, I tend to talk a lot and I was quite conscious of the fact that it might be seen as excessive but then I thought, “how am I supposed to be with someone if they don’t accept me the way I am”. People who put masks on actually deceive others as well as themselves! Sooner or later the truth will come out.

Tip#3 Ask Questions


Prepare a few questions beforehand if you want to avoid an awkward silence. I mean questions about family, books, future plans, etc. It will help you to understand if the person in front of you shares similar values, has same hobbies as you. It will help to establish some common ground. If you struggle to think of any questions because you are too nervous, pop in to Romantic Duo’s Facebook page. You will find there weekly selection of Questions that you could ask on a date.

Tip#4 Prepare a dating plan


What I mean here is that you think of places where you could meet your Mr/Mrs Right! Places you or your friends often go. Open your eyes and start noticing people around you. Do you see some smiley NEW faces?

Tip#5 Make an effort, first impression counts


Let’s be honest – the first thing you look at is physical appearance. It is like judging the book by its cover. I am not saying this is the right or wrong thing to do, it is just human nature. This is something we all do, so maybe it is worth thinking about what to wear when going on a first date? Where to go and what time to meet? Some initial preparation is crucial. But the most important thing is to BE on TIME!

Part 2 soon to be released

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