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How To Dress For Your First Date

Ladies, fed up of looking in the wardrobe and never knowing what to wear to for a hot date?

Celebrity stylist, Clare Watson and founder of personal styling business Miss Dress offers a Five Top Tips on how to dress for a date and make a first impression that counts!

1. First and foremost like any form of excellent construction, it starts with the foundations – in outfit terms this refers to your bra. Ladies let’s remember ‘barmaid’s bottom’ cleavage is so over- now it’s all about the ‘Pride and Prejudice Heave’ meaning bosoms are high and sit apart, giving even the most south facing boobies a gravity defying boob job without the £1000’s+ price tag! Choose a balconette bra to create the right look.

2. When it comes to choosing your actual outfit, this season is all about the silhouette, so if in any doubt of the location your date has arranged, make an understated sophisticated appearance in a simple structured fitted dress. Think Betty from Mad Men and you have got the look.

3. When considering that most of your evening you will probably be seated (possibly at a table), remember not to let your ensemble need to be seen in full at all times to give the overall desired effect. Take a leaf from Dani Minogue and opt for tops or dresses with interesting necklines such as a low V or asymmetrical that will ensure your outfit does not look boring from head to waist.

4. Pretty and colourful jaw length chandelier earrings are a great way of attracting the attention of your date and drawing his eyes down onto sexy bare shoulders (the newest most talked about erogenous zone).

5. Got a favourite dress but feel it needs a bit of an update? Add a skinny belt to either accentuate or give the illusion of a slim nipped in waist. Make sure the buckle is round and not square though, as this is a clever trick for avoiding a boxy looking torso which can happen with angular fastenings. Finally add an oversized envelope clutch bag. Not only will it make an ultra modern stylish statement but large bags also have an uncanny knack of also making you appear slimmer from side view. Perfect for indulging in that delicious dessert and letting the night linger on for longer!

If you wish to ban bad clothes days forever and need a little help from the Style Mistresses of Miss Dress visit  and choose from the range of services tailored to guarantee you will definitely sizzle on a hot date!

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