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Top Tips Going In For The Kiss

Whether you’re a toyboy dating older women, or a cougar dating younger men, your first kiss with a new partner can be a pretty nerve-wracking time. A kissing disaster can indicate a complete lack of chemistry and an amazing kiss can make your attraction unforgettable.

Kissing: it’s good for you. Whether you’re twenty two or sixty two, a great smooch can make you feel sixteen again. Not only is there the emotional pleasure of a kiss, but it also causes a whole bunch of physiological benefits that aren’t to be sniffed at. Such effects include boosting your immunity, exercising your face muscles which keeps you looking youthful and even burning up to six calories per minute. In terms of technique, tonsil tennis is a sport we can all undoubtedly learn to excel at but for some us it takes just a little more practice and advice.

It’s never easy to judge when the right moment arrives to go in for a kiss with your date. The first meeting can seem too early, yet establishing a physical connection early on is an important part of knowing whether you have more than just friendly chemistry. Michael Cane, author of The Art of Kissing, claims the fairer sex ‘can tell if a relationship is going to work after the first kiss. They just get a feeling, an intuition.’ The first kiss is a key event not only for women as this is undoubtedly the moment for men to position themselves safely outside of the friend zone. You’ve made your first impression, now it’s time to make a lasting impression, and this one requires no words.

Once you’ve decided to make the move, a friendly peck is out of the question. Girls peck their girlfriends, guys peck their mothers… and sometimes even their dogs. Make sure this kiss is extra special and shows your intentions. To do so, remember that kissing starts with the lips but involves the whole mind and body. Pay absolute attention to what you’re doing and that probably means closing your eyes too.

Approaching a first kiss with your mouth wide open is not the best idea. The leering, wet-hoover effect may seem bold and adventurous at the time, but it’s really quite traumatic for the receiving party – trust me, I’ve had that kiss and I still remember it vividly a decade later. Without a doubt, the lips should meet before the tongues do, so try starting with light, gentler kisses and work your way up.

Open mouth kissing is more intimate – and guess what? It makes your teeth cleaner too. A study by the University of Albany exposed the fact that when men open-mouth kiss their partners they transfer libido-boosting testosterone to the person they are kissing. The desired effect is that this will make women more aggressive in uptake. The type of women we have on our site don’t need tips in being forthright and flirty, so don’t expect them not to blow your mind by kissing you first.

Remember kissing is not just lip to lip. When you’re ready, heat things up with a kiss to the neck or below the ear, or even try nibbling on the ears themselves. Sensitive, ticklish areas will leave the skin tingling and the mind wandering. Kiss with your hands too. Try running your fingers up the back of their neck and through their hair.

Once you’ve started, don’t be afraid to take your time enjoying kissing before you move on to the main event. Nothing is as overwhelmingly electric as discovering a new partner. Take your time, enjoy the moment and pucker up! Alternatively, if it’s nothing like it is in the movies and your fun fizzles out straight away then consider giving it a second try. Otherwise, you may have just made a great new friend instead.

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