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The Frog Blog: Tips to Find your Prince

As the name suggests, there are a lot of guys on Toyboy Warehouse. I have spoken to some amazing ones, some weirdos and some I never actually got the opportunity to meet! I intend to discuss the latter in order to shed some light on the minefield that is modern dating, but also in the hope of reassuring myself that it’s not just me! I am the first to admit I arrange a lot of dates. I love meeting guys but, in honesty, probably arrange a surplus to cover myself a bit. Recently I have been let down three times – by three different guys! To protect the identities of these charming fellows I shall from here on refer to them as frogs, as you’ve allegedly got to kiss a lot of frogs to find your prince.

Frog No. 1 was far more excited about the prospect of meeting than I was. Clearly eagerness means nothing as on the day he texted saying he’d ‘had a bad day’ so couldn’t make it. Excuses, excuses… I tried rearranging, but we haven’t spoken since.

Frog No. 2 was younger than my usual type but he really persevered (he once spent a whole day calling me every 5 minutes) so I gave him a chance. We arranged a date and when I tried to confirm a time he had disappeared without a trace.

Frog No. 3 at least had the decency to turn up. I briefly spotted him once he arrived but presumably he was so nervous and scared that he got straight back on the bus and went home.

That’s three frogs in four days and absolutely no princes.

What is particularly irritating is that I wasn’t particularly interested in any of these men; they were the ones pursuing me! It’s not like these frogs just wasted 10 minutes whilst I waited, there is preparation involved! In the hope of minimising the chances of this happening in the future, please heed my following advice:

It’s not you, it’s them: I never actually met any of the guys so I can only assume that they lost their bottle at the last minute. Perhaps they are losers, too ashamed to leave behind their enhanced online façade. Perhaps their wives wouldn’t let them out that evening – I probably dodged a bullet! A prince would never behave like this, so clearly they weren’t right for you.

Meet up sooner rather than later: Don’t waste time chatting for weeks and investing lots into the relationship, only to realise that you’re not compatible in person. Or worse, discover one of you is too nervous about the idea of a real encounter. Arrange a date, or even a skype chat or phone call if you’re not quite ready.

Start small: Rather than agreeing to a larger commitment of dinner, arrange to go out for one round of drinks. This will reduce the pressure of the first date so they will be less intimidated. As well as allowing you an excuse to leave quickly, should they not be as you expected! Anyway, If the date goes well you can always extend drinks to appetisers, dinner and even a coffee.

The guys I have met through Toyboy Warehouse have, in general, been less flakey than those met through other sites. Whilst there is always this element of risk involved with online dating, without taking that plunge I wouldn’t’ve had some great dates and met some even better guys.

So, a final remark to the guys – be brave, we are worth it! And ladies. Remember, stay positive, have fun and your prince is out there somewhere, we just have to keep looking!

This blog was written by guest blogger Jupiter Salamander. Join in the discussion on Facebook or in the comments below.

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